Drew the Water Dragon
Date of Birth Around 1993
Gender Female
Species Animatronic Dragon
Current Status Broken
Ability/ies Disabling cameras
Height Medium-Small
Weight Medium-Heavy
Sexuality Robot
Series Several Nights at Fierce's

Drew the Water Dragon is one of the animatronics in Several Nights at Fierce's, beign the first female one.



Drew is a blue dragon animatronic. She has a cyan belly. Most of her body parts are articulated but a lot of the endoskeleton is exposed. Drew sometimes look identical to Drake and Drago except for the colors, but sometimes she has makeup on her nails instead, and sometimes she has eyelashes.


Drew changes a lot in the sequel. Like the other animatronics, she now has a figurine-like design. Drew now looks different from the other dragons. She has fins on the back of her tails and on her back. Her tail is like a fish's and she now has eyelashes, making her look more girly. Her wings have turned into butterfly wings, making her look further like a girl.


Drew is able to jump very high. She can also disable cameras. She's also at least semi-sentient. Otherwise, she doesn't haves much abilities.


Drew's personality is like a stereotypical girl's. She loves fashion and is said to often go "shopping" when not performing, althrough this obviously isn't true. She is apparently interested in mythical creatures, like mermaids.





  • Drew was the only female animatronic in the first game.
    • However, the second game introduced Crabbette while the third game introduced Yllim, Layla, Helpbot, Drina and Breakmind, making her no longer the only female.