Dreary is the final world in Gradient Hue. Additionally, it is the name of an entity

Gradient Hue

After being enveloped by Dreary, Gradient finds a ghostly remnant of the Bladion in his hands. He uses it to fight a puppet Enemy controlled by Dreary. Then Dreary's core approaches Gradient. One final fight is held with Dreary's core, during which Gradient gets to duel-wield Bladion. Dreary's core explodes, and the curse is lifted from Gradient. The two Bladion's fall out of his hands and form into one, falling out of the disintegrating Dreary. Gradient faints and falls down as well through several universes. He falls into a clear screen with Shade and Kalico's face on it, and the screen goes black. Roll credits.

After completing this world, a crown appears next to your save file and when you begin the game again, you will start at the Battle Frontier before you entered Night Villa. You will still have leveled up any levels you leveled up during the final worlds.

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