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Dreamstation logo
Developer(s) DreamStarNewLogo
Console Type Home console
Generation 8th generation
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan May 18, 2014
25px-Flag of Europe May 17, 2014
25px-Flag of USA May 23, 2014
25px-Flag of Australia June 1, 2014
Units sold 107.015 (Discontinued)
Media Dreamstation Disc
Successor DreamstationPlusLogo

The Dreamstation is an 8th-generation video-game-console developed by DreamStar Corporation. The console has released on May 17 2014 in Europe, one day later in Japan, on May 23 2014 in North America and on June 1 2014 in Australia. All online services are discontinued since the Dreamstation Plus has been released.


POWER-Button: Turn on and turn off the console.
WLAN-Button: Enable and Disable the WLAN feature.
RESET-Button: Reset the the console.
EJECT-Button: Eject the disc.


Box Art Name Release Date(s) Status Other Console(s)/Platform(s) Price(s)
Mario Party 10-New-Boxart for Dreamstation Mario Party 10 Emblem 25px-Flag of Japan & 25px-Flag of Europe: October 30, 2014
25px-Flag of USA: November 2, 2014
25px-Flag of Australia: November 14, 2014
Released WiiULogo
€ 39,99
$ 49,99
5500 ¥


Want to make a game for the Dreamstation? Ask me for permission and use this templates:


Dreamstation ControlTab

The Dreamstation ControlTab, inspired from the Wii U Gamepad.

The Dreamstation has a tablet-linke-controller, called "Dreamstation ControlTab". It's look is inspired from the Wii U Gamepad. There are these buttons and pads:
A/B/X/Y-Buttons: For different actions.
L/R-Button: For different actions.
HOME-Button: Pauses the current game and shows the HOME-Menu.
POWER-Button: Turn on and turn off the console.
SCREEN-Button: Puts the screen shown on TV onto the ControlTab and reversed (if there are different screens).
MENU-Button: In games you can switch to the menu.


CPU 2,8 GHz Intel Core i5-2300
GPU AMD Radeon HD 6990
Memory 12 GB system storage, 75 GB free storage
Operating System DreamOS
Resolution 1080p Full HD
Framerate 50 fps
External Ports 1x HDMI out, 1x Multi-AV out, 1x SCART, 1x 80 W Power Supply, 2x USB 2.0