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Dreamscape is a party video game developed and published by Illusion Works, released exclusively for the Pacifico sometime in 2017. It features a host of characters as they travel through a young boy's mind, and are forced to play games in order to guarantee their survival.


Dreamscape is about a young little boy and his brain. Inside his mind, ideas, thoughts, dreams and nightmares float everywhere. The player controls Josie, a sweet-looking, yet ill little child whose job is to get rid of every single mean thought. Josie's origin is unknown, though it is said she was created by the boy's mind itself to defend it from mean thoughts.


Dreamscape funtions in a similar way to Nintendo's WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven series; it features many different minigames, each with a unique gameplay. From navigating a floating boat across a river of blood, to aiming and shooting at targets, to hack and slash action against viruses.


Name Description
Dreamscape - Josie Artwork 1
Created as a way to defend the human brain from viruses and mean thoughts, Josie was born to make sure great ideas and accomplishments are the only thing the little boy dreams about. She may look nice, kind, sweet and peaceful, however Josie will do her best to always achieve her duty, even if that means going to extremes. Josie is a loner, being the only racional being inside the boy's mind, so she is not used to any kind of company at all, and so, she pretty much considers everything an enemie, even the poor boy's blood cells, sometimes causing severe damage to his brain, with no intentions to do so.


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