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Dreaming Souls
SCD Logo
The game's previous logo.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Microsoft Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer (1 to 4 players)
Genre(s) Platform Adventure, Metroidvania
Dreaming Souls is a platform adventure video game designed and developed by Shooting Star Studios and published by both Nintendo and Microsoft Studios. The game is going to be released during late 20XX for Nintendo SwitchMicrosoft Windows and Xbox One.

In this game players asume control of four kids: LilithMatthewWilliam and Meredy, as well as their cat pet Sokrates who can help with a few abilities. The kids can travel through dreams and reality in a decaying Earth, obtaining magical abilities through the course of the game that will help them solve puzzles and interact with the environment. Its gameplay is inspired by games from franchises such as Metroid.


As a 2D open world platform adventure game the player controls a group of four kids: LilithMatthewWilliam and Meredy, as well as their pet cat Sokrates. All of them will help each other in order to progress through certain obstacles or reach places they can't reach normally. Even the cat helps on that. There is some kind of mystic thing happening on this game too: the kids can travel through dreams by using portals. These are dreams of the people hoping for a beautiful Earth, without hate, despair, war, sadness... as well as dreams of people's good desires and wishes. But there's also the bad things. While you can also travel the current, horrible decaying Earth in the reality, you are also able to travel through nightmares, which mostly contains more dangerous enemies and surprises. 

The game's world maps are extremely open and explorative, the kids interact with the world's and dreams' environment and solve puzzles and facing enemies in their way to restore Earth. The kids will also collect Health Orbs, new abilities and Soul Dreams, which are collectibles needed to complete the game. A map can be used when dream portals open, linking them to their point of origin in the map so the protagonists can travel through them from afar. Save points can be found in all dreams and the reality, allowing the player to save the game and appear in the latest save point used.


"The world is not like it used to, now coming to an end covered in war, technology domination, contamination, destruction and darkness. Families, friends, everyone is slowly dying and disappearing while Earth keeps becoming the disgrace the human kind started.

But not everything was lost. Shining sightings appeared as different pure children around the world were attracted by its light. Deciding to follow the light, four kids started an adventure through cruel reality and hopeful and beautiful dreams. Dreams of saving Earth from its demise."

Full story coming soon.


Playable Characters

Character Main Ability Description Quality
Angel - Heals her friends, slightly sacrificing her health.

Lilith is a 12 year old girl and the chosen representation of Love. Lilith is very caring and sweet, and she'd do anything in order to help her friends.

Flame Line - Shoots a linear pillar of flames to attack enemies. Matthew is a 12 year old boy and Lilith's brother. He is the chosen representation of Courage, for being a brave and strong kid.  Courage
Shielder - Shields his friends temporarily. William is a 12 year old boy and the chosen representation of Kindness. William is a shy and clumsy boy but also very friendly and protective. He loves carrying his teddy bear everywhere. Kindness
Thornado - Summons a twister of thorns to immobilize incoming enemies. Meredy is an 11 year old girl and the representation of Honesty. She's a very intelligent and dutiful girl but extremely shy. She will do her best in order to help or protect her friends though.  Honesty

Supporting Characters

Character Description
Sokrates Meredy's cat and considered the pet of the group of friends. Sokrates develops a magical ability of being able to talk and be understood by humans. He also obtains a magic that lets him change into different objects and other beings to help the protagonists..
Irelia Irelia is an unknown woman that guides the protagonists during their journey, giving them advise about the dreams and nightmares and how to use their abilities. It is not revealed what she is or where did she come from exactly until the end of the game.
Peace and Sorrow Two mystical wolves that help the kids during certain puzzles. Peace is the white wolf, she is a form of embodiment of the good wishes and Sorrow is the black wolf, and he is a form of embodiment of people's misery.


Dreams can be accesed by using portals. Dreams are worlds that represent people's current dreams of a better Earth and their good desires. Some dreams are considered nightmares, having dreams of wishes of war and other things that have slowly destructed Earth.

Name Description Difficulty Type
Forest of Hope Forest of Hope is a massive forest with beautiful trees, flowers, and many animals and shiny rivers. It symbolizes the souls' hopes of an Earth without decaying nature. Easy Dream
Angel Garden Angel Garden is a garden maze outside of various houses and mansions with a XIV century theme. It symbolizes the souls' wishes of going back in time in order to avoid the now perishing Earth. Easy Dream
Lake of Despair Lake of Despair is a big aquatic nightmare world in which thunders, hurricanes and other natural disasters occur. It symbolizes people's fears of natural catastrophes. Normal Nightmare
Aquapolis Aquapolis is basically the dream counterpart of Lake of Despair. It's a big and beautiful aquatic dream world with various underwater animals and a beautiful aquatic environment. It symbolizes souls' wishes of non-polluted oceans. Normal Dream
Nuclear Debris Nuclear Debris is a nightmare taking place in a nuclear war zone. It symbolizes people's despair during the wars and fears of nuclear effects. Hard Nightmare
Moonside Road Moonside Road is a big nighttime, astral-like dream world with various mysterious creatures and puzzles. The dream is divided in various luminous and dark areas, symbolizing souls wishing for the light to come back and souls wishing for darkness. Players meet the Mystical Wolves here. Hard Dream
Ancient Chateau  Ancient Chateau is an inmense beautiful and heavenly castle maze that seems to take place in a sky garden. It symbolizes the souls' wishes of going to heaven.  Hard Dream
Rumble Marshes Very Hard Nightmare
Arctic Warzone Very Hard Nightmare
Dream Realm Very Hard Dream and Nightmare






Beauty of a Fairytale (Forest of Hope Theme): 
SCD HopeForest
They Wolves (Moonside Road / Peace and Sorrow Theme): 
SCD Wolves


  • This game is highly inspired by franchises such as RaymanCastlevania and Metroid.
    • As a such, it is considered as part of the Metroidvania genre.
    • The game also seems to take high inspiration from Ori and the Blind Forest, which is also part of said genre.


  • Forest of Hope & Moonside Road themes composed by BrunuhVille.

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