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Dream World 3: Revenge of the Nightmare is the sequel to Dream World 2: Return of the Nightmare, and is the third game in the Dream World Series. Once again, it takes place in the Dream World, and has many old features, but also has some new ones.

Dream World 3

Release Dates

  • USA: November 8th, 2013
  • Japan: November 8th, 2013
  • Europe: November 10th, 2013
  • Australia: November 17th, 2013


Not too long after the events of Dream World 2: Return of the Nightmare, Dream Boy and Dream Kid are about to head back home, in their dimension, the real world, when the princess, Dream Girl, comes. She wishes them good luck. The two bow, and are about to jump into the portal, when Mr. Nightmare comes and kidnaps the princess! The portal back to their world is about to close, and they are told that if they don't return home now, before the portal closes, they will never get back home. As the portal shrinks, Dream Boy and Dream Kid can't decide what to do. Finally, when the portal is almost too small to enter, they make there decision. They run off to save the princess! The portal then dissapears.

After completing 4-6 (and defeating the boss there), Dream Boy & Dream Kid free Dream Girl. Mr. Nightmare appears that he doesn't care about the princess anymore, and that he doesn't need here anymore! He had the key that will unleash the King of Nightmares! He says that he will do that with his new and improved, Dream Killer 7000! He laughs, and runs off.


Playable Characters

Dream Boy2
Dream Boy Can use the Dream Reviver to bring dreams back to life. Is a default character.
Dream Kid
Dream Kid Is the fastest playable character, and can do head-butts! Unlocked after Completing the First Level of Dream City.
Dream Girl
Dream Girl The princess of Dream World can use dreams to get an extra third-jump! She is also the only other person who can revive dreams. Unlocked after Completing Haunted Night


Mr. Nightmare
Mr. Nightmare The main villian of the game, he uses the Dream Killer 9000 as his main weapon, and the Dream Killer 8000 to make Nightmarees! Worlds 1 through 6.
Ultimate Nightmare The Final form off Mr. Nightmare! The Final Boss.
Nightmarees The nightmare version of Flutterdreams, they are functioning every robot!

(Not a boss)

Every Level!

King of Nightmares He is the real Final Boss of the Game!

Dark Hallow


  • Dream City
  • Balloon Palooza
  • Summer Beach
  • Haunted Night
  • Winter Snowland
  • Black Nightmare
  • Nightmare Fortress
  • Dark Hallow (Just a Boss Level)

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