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Dream Factory: Three Desires is the 3rd installment in the Dream Factory series when including Super Mario Bros. 2 and is produced by Fritez Franchise  as part of the series. Like the previous installments, it is a 2D platformer with some diverse platforming elements and visuals as the game's setting takes place in a book. It reboots the original four characters, ImajinMamaLina and Papa and slightly redisigns them. Enviorments, characters, enemies, items and bosses that are reconized as Mario enemies, are replaced by different enemies to make the gmae seem less familiar. Dream Factory: Three Desires will be platformed for the 3DS.

eShop Description



Dream Factory: Three Desires is a 2.5D platformer and plays similarly to the first and second installments. The game takes place in a book and thus the visuals appear to be inscribed into paper. Like the previous games, the player can preform actions like running, jumping and the trademark picking mechanic. This mechanic includes picking up whatever the player is standing on or things below them. The player can pick up many kinds of enemies, objects and even vegtable sprouts to throw.

A new mechanic is also introduced: planting. When a player is holding an object, they can plant it into the ground thier standing on. Although most items/enemies when planted do nothing while others are alterd drasticlly when planted. For example, if the player plants a seed, it grows into a beanstalk. If enemies are planted, they stay underground for a short amount of time but eventully emerge as thier immortal zombie variations.

Controls and Actions



  • Gujin
  • Tweeter
  • Pidgit
  • Trouter
  • Phanto
  • Molofo


  • Megolofo-Chapter 1
  • Kappa-Chapter 2
  • King Lakitut-Chapter 3





Chapter 1

​Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter ★

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