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Dream Factory: Heart-Pounding Panic 2 is a Wii U game, the sequel game from Dream Factory: Heart-Pounding Panic. (Known as "夢工場 ドキドキパニック" Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panikku


The Twins was reading one legend about the evil King Wart, almost reading the final part. Mysteriously, a green hand captured they. When Imajin and heros was going to enter in Twins room, they heard a scream. They entered in the room and saw the book moving. When they looked the book, mysteriously a portal opened in the book and sucked them into Dream World.


  • Walk: Press O or + for the left and right.
  • Run: Press and hold X while you're walking.
  • Jump: Press A.
  • High Jump: Press and hold + (down button), then click A.
  • Crouch: Press and hold + (down button).
  • Pick masks: Press and hold + (down button), then click A when you're standing on a mask hole.
  • Stun enemies: Use stylus and click on a enemy in the screen to stun it.

Note: You can't stun Bosses and Mini-Bosses.


Image Name Ability
TBA Imajin Imajin is pretty balanced.
TBA Lina Lina can float with her magic robe.
TBA Papa Papa can run fast with his quick shoes.
TBA Mama Mama can jump higher with her floaty cape.


Image Name Ability
TBA Albatoss Albatosses fly only horizontally. They can drop Trouter on players, but they can also be ridden. Unlike other enemies, they cannot be picked up, but they are defeated as with any other enemy.
Cobrat3D Cobrat SMB2 3D Cobrat Cobrats are seen roaming on the ground, but they can also hide in vases. If they spot a player, they may jump and shoot a single projectile. Cobrats can be picked up and thrown.
Flurry NSMBVR Flurry Flurries are found only in ice levels. Here, they attempt to run into the player. They move faster than average, but they are prone to slipping.
Hoopster3D Hoopster Hoopsters crawl slowly on vines, attempting to harm players. Players can jump on them and even pick them up and throw them.
Ninji MKO Ninji Some Ninjis are stationary enemies that simply jump while others charge and jump into the player. They can be picked up and thrown.
TBA Ostro Ostros travel in a straight line. They can be picked up and thrown, but they do not bounce off enemies.
Panser Panser Pansers shoot fireballs at the player. Red varieties are stationary and shoot three fireballs. Green and gray varieties patrol and shoot up fireballs. Pink varieties chase the player and shoot three fireballs.
Phanto3D Phanto Phantos are normally dormant enemies, but if players pick up a key, they will attempt to fly into the player. If players drops the key, they deactivate. They cannot be picked up and there are limited methods to destroy them.
Pidgit3D Pidgit Pidgits are always seen on carpets. Pidgits attempt to dive bomb into the player, but players can jump on them, pick them up, and throw them. Once the Pidgit has been removed, players can ride the carpet and control it for a brief amount of time.
Porcupo3D Porcupo Porcupos cannot be jumped on, so to defeat them, players must throw an object at them.
TBA Trouter Trouters jump from below and fall back. Players can use them as platforms to jump across gaps, but Trouters can harm players if players touch them at the sides.
Tweeter3D Tweeter Tweeters, although they have wings, are found hopping across the ground. They can be picked up and thrown.
TBA Whale

Not typical enemies, whales serve generally as platforms. Their bodies and their tails can be jumped on. Their waterspouts can also carry players, but the waterspouts can harm players if players touch them at the sides.


Image Name Ability
MouserByJoeAdok Mouser Mouser is the first true boss players encounter. He attacks by throwing bombs. The bombs sit for a while before they explode, enabling players to pick them up and throw them at Mouser. If the bomb explodes on Mouser, he takes damage.
Tryclyde Tryclyde Tryclyde shoots a series of fireballs that harms the player if the player touches them. Players must throw several Mushroom Blocks at Tryclyde to defeat him.
Clawgrip Clawgrip Clawgrip throws rocks at players. These rocks can be picked up and tossed at Clawgrip, inflicting damage on him. Once he is hit five times, he is defeated.
TBA Phanking Phanking is the king of Phantos. He spit little Phantos to attack. In the room battle, you'll find a key. You need throw the key into his mouth to defeat him. When you defeat him, a locked door will appear and you need use the key to open it.
HawMouth- MarioADvemture3d Hawkmouth Although most Hawkmouths are harmless and allow completion to the level, the Hawkmouth that guards Wart's castle is aggressive, attacking the players by flying into them. Players must attack it with Mushroom Blocks to stun it for a short period. Once it is stunned, it allows entry into Wart's room.
Warts3d Wart Wart is the final boss of the game. He moves back and forth and shoots harmful bubbles at the player. A machine nearby spawns vegetables. To defeat Wart, players must throw these vegetables at Wart when Wart's mouth is open. Wart takes six hits to defeat.

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