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Drawn To Life is a promotional Anime TV series focusing on the plot lines of the first two games. The series was made due to the upcoming game.

Story Line: This series is based on the lives and troubles of Mari, Jowee and the rest of the Raposa Race. Mari and Jowee ask the Creator for more help as they solve mysteries and puzzles of the Raposa Village. What Will happen next? Where does Mike and Heather end up now? All will be revealed in "Drawn To Life (Television Series)"


  • The Adventure Begins: The Hero helps Mari and Jowee save the Mayor from the villainous Wilfre and sets out on an adventure to save all the Raposa.
  • Mount Snowy: The Hero makes it to Mount Snowy and saves Isaac, Cindi and Mya from Wilfre's shadow like creatures.
  • Snow Caves: The Hero gets to the Snow Caves and challenges a heap Snow Pound to fight but the Hero gets lost in the cold, icy and dark Snow Caves.
  • Frozen Waters: After escaping the Snow Caves, the Hero finds a submarine and rides it through the icy water. The Hero is about to save Farmer Brown and his family but Wilfre summons an army of Baki and they attack.
  • Banya Fields: The Hero comes to a Banya Field and takes a few Banya Stalks but an awakened group of territorial Snowgets attack. After the Hero escapes he rescues Chef Cookie and his assistants.
  • Icy Lake: The Hero finds an icy lake blocking the way. He uses a Whalecopter to cross but several Penguins try to stop him from crossing the lake. Once he has crossed he rescues Tubba's parents who are looking for Tubba.
  • Lost Tubba: The Hero and Tubba's parent are searching for Tubba and find him under possesion of a flock of Shadow Bats. The hero must battle the Shadow Bats and creatures to save Tubba.
  • Snowy Snowy Mountain: The Hero reaches Snowy Snowy mountain and battles a colossal Snowget with an army of normal Snowgets. After they have been defeated he finds an even mightier foe who has Heather.
  • Frostwind: Frostwind, battles the Hero. The Hero nearly is defeated but uses his his Whalecopter to confuse the foe. Frostwind dies and the Hero rescues Heather and brings her back to the Raposa Village.
  • The Eternal Flame: The Hero makes and eternal flame to light up the town meanwhile Heather takes a shine to the Hero. She is half covered in shadow from Wilfre. A blossoming relationship starts between Mari and Joey.
  • Mayor Mari: The mayor trains Mari to be mayor and the village plans a celebration. The Hero heads to the forest gate and Joey sneaks in.

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Human Elly

Cindi as a Human in the Drawn To Life (Television Series)