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Drawing to Victory is DSiWare.


This game is Wi-Fi. You connect to another DSi, then choose GOOD or BAD. Up to two people can play and only one person per team. Now, you get to draw all the characters. The GOOD person draws good guys (up to 4) and the BAD draws enemies (up to 10 types, 3 of each type) and bosses (up to 5). Then the BAD draws the castles (up to 5) for his bosses. The GOOD draws the other levels. BAD places the enemies. Then it's played like lemmings.

Character Types

This is what you can turn your GOOD characters into.

  • Tornado = Can fly and kill enemies.
  • Frog = Can swim but moves slower.
  • Run = Moves quicker and runs over small pits.
  • Cloud = Moves up until it touches the roof, then it moves right. However, can't touch water.
  • Wind = Pushes all other characters over the nearest pit.
  • Invincible = Can kill enemies and runs faster.
  • Small = Shrinks and moves faster.
  • Mega = Grows but moves slower.




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