Draw My Dance is a dance video game developed and published by Mamtendo exclusively for the New Mama as a launch title. To play, you simply have to follow your avatar/s moves on screen. It uses the Mamsensor to track the player's moves. If you want to play without the mamsensor, you simply need to download the New Mama app - you can use the phone as a motion controller - where you can play lots of games on your phone.


  • Freestyle - Pick a song or/and a routine and dance freely!
  • Games - Play some groovy games whilst dancing!
    • Simon Says - Dance but when Simon tells your avatar to stand still, jump, reach high or play dead, you have to do it! (mamsensor required)
    • My Dance - Record your own dance and share it on the New Mama Network! (requires mamsensor and requires internet to share)
    • Me vs. Them - Play against plays all over the world and dominate the high score. Song choice is made upon a vote.(internet required)
  • Campaign - Compete in the Draw My Dance championship against other CPU avatars and doodles! With 'Riley's' help, you've gotta win! Every 4 songs is part of a 'cup', the last song is a boss battle against a Mamtendo-made avatar. This mode works similar to Mario Kart's grand prix. A list of the bosses is as follows:

(More Coming Soon)


You're looking in your brother/sister's room for some paper. You know she/he has lots in there for you both love to draw. You look all over the room but have no luck. There is one place you haven't looked yet though; his/her's chest. He/she keeps his/her most prized possessions in there. You know you shouldn't but you had to otherwise you wouldn't be able to complete your homework. It's Art tonight and you don't want a bad grade since it's your favourite subject!

You open the chest and find an old teddy bear, a hat, some old sweets, a 3DS (you wondered where she put that), a p- (nevermind that) and some paper. You creep back to your room and draw the self-portrait you were assigned to do. When it's finished, it comes alive! It stands up and hypnotises you! There was still more left of the assignment to do but all you could think of was dancing and shaking...


Solo songs feature routines that one player can do and crews have a dance for four players to do together. Up to 16 players can be in a dance (thanks to the New Mama app) at a time.

More will be announced.

Song Artist Mode
Same Old Love Selena Gomez Solo
Juicy Wiggle Redfoo Crew
Uptown Funk Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars Solo
This Is How We Do Katy Perry Crew
Hold My Hand Jess Glynne Solo
Sax Fleur East Solo
Daddy PSY ft. CL Solo (has a crew alt.)

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