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Drastmas is an santa dragon-like character, he appears in Ep 68: Merry Chrixtmos, which he battled Rito Kuchira, because Rito hates Christmas holiday , when he is finally defeated by Rito Kuchira , he is no longer appears until second special Christmas episode , that named Ep 156: Merry Madness!, which he continued to battles Rito Kuchira and he was again finally defeated by Rito Kichura, after defeat, he is no longer appears in third special Christmas episode.

Gender Male
Species Dragon
Current Status Defeated
Class Villain
First Appearance Ep 68:Merry Chrixtmos
Latest Appearance Ep 156:Merry Madness!

Character Bio

Drastmas is an dragon-like with santa hat and santa suit, he almost battle Rito Kuchira, who is very hate Christmas holiday

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