Byivuvvggvbhnjvcdtedfvcdaqasrtjknhmjmkjffdfttybivvvrfghbgfgj! hgucvfyiu! bgyubk7 ihglui bhuvfbi vgiuvvvfkb hjvfbui... Hello. I am Draourk, sorry about that, ummm... gibberish, I just forgot to turn on my translator.
Draourk, Introducing himself in Game Freak: HAX and the Textured Hero.

Draourk, king of.... weird.
Full Name Draourk
Location Unknown
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Digital Rays

Draourk is an enemy of the heroes in the Game Freak series.


This is Draourk, or "Yhhuiogbgft" in his language. Draourk is a caterpillar thing made out of enlarged pixels. He speaks "Splagnourhflian" (Splag-now-er-flee-an). Yep that's him alright.



  • Apparently, Draourk's translator is located on the top of his mouth.
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