Drake the Fire Dragon
Date of Birth Around 1993
Gender Male
Species Animatronic Dragon
Current Status Broken
Ability/ies Disabling cameras
Height Medium-Small
Weight Medium-Heavy
Sexuality Robot
Series Several Nights at Fierce's
Drake the Fire Dragon is one of the many characters in the Several Nights at Fierce's series. He is the mascot of "Fierce's Foods", althrough he isn't the mascot of the games themselves.


Normal Design

Drake has the appearance of a young dragon. His legs, his wings and his tail is articulated, through it is easy to see the endoskeleton inside. He is red and has a light yellow belly. He has blue eyes. One can notice a tube next to his snout; this tube is linked to a box containing confetti in his torso.

Figurine Design

Drake gets major changes in the sequel. He has been made a lot more different then his friends Drew the Water Dragon and Drago the Forest Dragon. Drake now has a red crest on the back of his head, a bit like a lion. He also has red, flame-shaped protusion on the back of his leg. His tail is longer then the other dragons now, having an orange plastic flame at the end of his. Like most other figurine animatronics, his limbs are articulated with spheres just like a figurine.


Drake can turn off cameras, which allow him to move without beign noticed. He is rather fast and while he cannot fly, he can jump pretty high. He is pretty resistant and is probably sentient. Drake has a tube on his snout that allows him to "breathe" confetti.


Drake loves attention. He thinks he is awesome and that no one is cooler then him. When his dialogue is written, it is often written with no punctuation and with a lots of caps to emphasis on the "cool" parts of what he's saying.


Normal Design

Figurine Design


  • Drake was apparently the first of the Dragon Trio to be built.
  • It is unknown if Drake will appear physically in Several Nights at Fierce's 3 or not.