Drake Cula is the second boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is a vampire bat hired by Rexes to turn his show's world dark by destroying the sun, but he gets defeated by the SSFF.


As the scariest monster in Creepy Castle, Drake Cula was called upon Rexes to destroy the sun so he is free to suck people's blood without worrying about being disintegrated. He builds a laser in his best chandelier so it can fire on the sun.

The SSFF came to Creepy Castle to stop Drake Cula, where they fight him at the highest tower on the Chandelier. The Team defeated Drake Cula by pulling the Chandelier up to the top of the tower, where the light is exposed through windows.

Drake Cula brags that his machine will destroy the sun, not noticing the sun creeping up. Sqak tries to warn him but he doesn't listen, and so the sun vaporizes his wings causing him to fall into the laser and the whole Chandelier comes crashing down to the bottom of the tower. He is killed in the explosion.

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