Drake, the Dragon Knight
Full Name Drake
Current Age Young Adult (true age unknown)
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Dragon's Keep Island (formerly), Berk (currently)
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Double-handed Sword
Ability/ies Expert Dragon Tamer,
Peak Human Metabolism,
Calculative Detective Skills.
Height 5'8"
The Dragon Knight (Many), the last Dragonguard (Valka),
Voice Actor(s)
Troy Baker
Series How to Train Your Dragon (Alternate)

Drake (last name unknown) is the sole remaining member of the Dragonguard Tribe, bent on vengeance against both the Dragon Hunters and Drago Bludvist for wiping out his tribe and family from the archipelago.


Early Life

The youngest born of the oldest family in the Dragonguard tribe, Drake, like the many other people in his tribe, was naturally gifted in dragon taming and training, although not so much that he could train naturally hostile species, like the Skrill or Whispering Death; for years, he and his tribe lived in harmony with the dragons of the island they lived on, at least until Viggo Grimborn and the Dragon Hunters wiped them out and killed what dragons they could find. The only one left, Drake promised to make the Hunters pay for what they did to his family and tribe; although initially unsure on how to handle it, Drake decided to train a team of some of the toughest dragons out there.

(More Coming Soon)

The Watcher in the Wings

Heir to the Mantle



Dragon Species Primary Abilities History
Screaming Death 2
Screaming Death
  • Gatling Fireballs
  • Spine Sling
  • Disorienting Scream
  • Serpentine Groundtunneling
The Screaming Death that left many a Hooligan terrified to sleep at night, Banshee met Drake shortly after his tribe was wiped out; for the first time ever in his life, Banshee pitied Drake for not having anyone to rely upon in his time of need, since the former had his mother to care for him most of his life. With Drake's burning desire for revenge and Banshee's latent desire to wreak havoc, they form a terrifying trio.
Catastrophic Quaken
Catastrophic Quaken
  • Lava Spout
  • Rollout
  • Ground-pound Shockwave
  • Tornadic Firestorm
  • Brave Blaze
  • Supercharge
Torch's sister all grown up, Inferno was the infamous Typhoomerang that chased Fishlegs and Meatlug and injured Windshear in battle, and although initially hostile to him at first, she joined Drake after he helped her become a more efficient fighter, when she had trouble standing up to a rogue Titan Wing Scauldron.
Flightmare gallery 3
  • Blinding Glow
  • Paralyzing Wind
  • Acetelyne Flashfire
  • Armor Improvement
  • Chain-link Whip
Death Song
Death Song
  • Amber Shot
  • Alluring Song
Although initially intending to eat Drake and his friends, Aria had been intimidated by Banshee's size and shrank back, giving Drake the chance to tame her and showing her a dietary substitute for dragon meat: a mix of Yak meat, mutton, and fish splattered with a chummy substance; then, after reenforcing his hideout with the amber substance Aria shot, Drake officially made her a part of the team.


You think you and the Hunters know everything about dragons? My tribe knew about everything you did and then some; we've known their strengths and weaknesses for eons before you ever rode them. So don't think for a second that I can't handle myself against Drago Bludvist.


  • He's one of the first people (Valka and Stoick with him) to have trained more than one species of rideable dragon.
  • His armor bears a resemblance to Michael Lane's Azrael from the DC comics.

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