Drake (Dark Toad)
Drake (Dark Toad)
Drake's current design.
Full Name Drake (Dark Toad)
Gender Male
Species Toad
First Appearance Mario Party 10
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Darkness
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Drake used to be a servant at Princess Peach's castle. He was the most loyal of all servants. But he heard rumors floating around that Princess Peach was saying things about him behind his back. Stuff like he was the worst toad ever to live and that he should never have been born. Then, he turned against Princess Peach and joined the Koopa Troop. He is one of Bowser's best minions and he despises Mario and Luigi. He now studies dark magic and is determined to get revenge on Peach.

Game Appearances

Mario Party 10

Drake appears as the main villain of Mario Party 10

New Super Toad U

In New Super Toad U, Drake uses an Ultra Vaccuum to kidnap Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy. He is the main boss of this game.

Five Hundred Nights At Freddy's

He is one of the Animatronics, he is 'Drake'

Super Mario Bros.: A Greater Evil

In Super Mario Bros.: A Greater Evil, Drake is a playable character. His stats are:

Jump: 3/4

Power: 1/4

Speed: 3/4

Flutter: 2/4

New Super Mario Bros. Darkness

In New Super Mario Bros. Darkness, Drake is the main villain, and is also playable during the Anti-Story Mode, he teams up with Bowser to take over the Mushroom Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: The Heart of Hyrule

Drake make's a cameo as part of Ganon's Army in the opening cutscene in The Legend of Zelda: The Heart of Hyrule, he is also the boss of the Sand Temple.


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