Full Name Dragoroth
Current Age 37
Date of Birth TBA
Zodiac Sign TBA
Gender Male
Location The Earth's Core
Current Status Evil
Class Wizard
Family and Relations
Enemy of Jack Elemental
Main Weapon(s) Sorcery
Ability/ies Wizardry
Vulnerable To Teamwork
First Appearance Jack Elemental
Latest Appearance Jack Dimensional
I am the great wizard, Dragoroth! I have come to drain the life from within you, Jack!
Dragoroth, Beginning of Jack Elemental

Dragoroth is the main villain in the Jack Elemental Series. He wears a purple robe, and a darker purple shirt. His Rod of Power is golden in color, topped with an aquamarine sphere of energy. The full potential of the Rod is unknown, and stealing Jack's energy, in the first game, Jack Elemental, by splitting Jack into six 'elemental' entities, is the only way he knew he could do it. He had learned that Jack was the only person with enough life energy to do so. He will again appear in Jack Dimensional, again as the major villain. His role is currently unknown, but may soon be revealed.


Dragoroth is just pure evil. He vows to never join the side of good, no matter what will happen. He is extremely selfish, with no allies. Dragoroth is very hateful and hates everything. His only minions are the strange creatures he used the energy drained from Jack to create. He lives a lonley life, and will never be married.


Jack Elemental

In Jack Elemental, Dragoroth is the final boss of the game, introduced in the beginning of the game. He splits Jack into six elemental entities, draining his life energy to unlock the full power of the Rod of Power.

He is a challenging boss, and his attacks are relatively hard to dodge. His attacks include:

  • A fireball that explodes on contact. After half-health, it will slightly be bigger. It has minimal effect agains Fire Jack
  • An icy breath that will freeze you on contact. It has minimal effect agains Ice Jack, and causes longer freeze at half-health
  • A burst of thunder that rains down from the sky. Has no effect agains Electric Jack, but causes major damage to other Jacks
  • A tornado throwing all of the Jacks into the air. Upon landing, they take damage depending on the size of the tornado, but Air Jack is unaffected
  • A massive earthquake that knocks all Jacks onto the ground, causing severe damage and paralysis. Earth Jack is immune
  • A massive tsunami that causes massive damage to all but Water Jack. Cannot be dodged.

Jack Dimesional

Dragoroth will, again, appear in the game Jack Dimensional as the main antagonist. His role is currently unknown.

The Fantendo Pit

He is rumored to appear in The Fantendo Pit.