NOTE: ANYONE CAN ADD SPELLS TO THIS! Dragonia's Spellbook is a downloadable minigame for the 3DS. While it isn't necessarily a game, it still shows the player all of the spells in Dragonia's spellbook and the player can try them out.

Attacking Spells

  • Basic Blast - When this spell is used, a small flame of fiery magic blasts in a straight line. This is what is blasted from the Koopalings' Magic Scepters most of the time.

Defending Spells

Supporting Spells

Supportive Attacking Spells

  • Chubby Spell - This spell causes the inflicted target to become extremely large and fat for approximately 1 hour, 47 minutes, and 32 seconds. Dragonia casted this spell on Justin Koopa before.

Offensive Defense Spells

Defensive Support Spells

Other Spells

  • Forever Young Spell - This spell is one of the forbidden spells. It causes the inflicted target to stop aging forever, possibly causing them to become immortal. Dragonia casted this spell on herself by accident.


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