Dragon Yoshis
Species Origin Yoshis
Rarity Takes only about 18 years of Yoshis in their adult form to evolve into this
Alignment Sometimes Good and Evil
Average Behavior Same as Yoshis and dragons
Habitat(s) Yoshi's Island
Related Species
Dragon Yoshis are evolved Yoshis after 18 years in their adult form, they are fire breathers and have dragon wings, some are good while some are evil. notable Yoshi characters dosen't evolve into a Dragon Yoshi (Like Yoshi for an example.).


They resemble adult Yoshis except a little bit big and their tails are a little bit long and has yellow ringed spikes on it, their skin is almost tough as dragon ones, their shoes have claws at the front of them, and the fingers have claws. They have dragon-like wings, and mouths have only 1 fang at the left. Having the appearance of a dragon, like other colored Yoshis, they come in different colors, evil ones have dragon horns and have yellow eyes.


Like Yoshis, they have same personalitys as them except only different, it is a combined personality of Yoshis and dragons at the same time. They also hate the Koopalings (So does fanon ones.) and Bowser (Evil Dragon Yoshis dosen't hate Koopalings and fanon Koopalings either.). Even friendly ones.


They have same abilitys as Yoshis except they don't eat anything but instead breathes fire, and while they are jumping, instead of using Flutter Jumps. They fly with their wings, they also emit big roars that break glass, some red ones have the ability to hypnotize bad people (But dosen't work on evil Dragon Yoshis.), while blue ones breathe blue fires that doubles the burning of a normal fire, while yellow ones fly higher than other ones and breathes 3 fires instead of one.

Game Appearances

They aren't planned to be in games yet but the creator of this species plans onto adding them.


  • They are one of the Yoshis to have wings and breath fire (Yoshis that used fire Melons or power-ups dosen't count.).
  • They are based off dragons in medieval times.

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