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Dragon Wario
WL DragonWario
One of Wario's first forms.
Original Character(s) Wario
Achieved By Touching a Fire Flower as Wario
First Appearance Wario Land
Latest Appearance Lets-a-go, Mario(2013)
Main Ability/ies
The hat creates a stream of fire

Dragon Wario is a form of Wario that debuted in Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land. It allows Wario to shoot a stream of fire from the hat.

Ice Dragon Wario

Ice Dragon Wario is an alternate form of Dragon Wario that debuts in Lets-a-go, Mario. It is Wario's ice form. In this form, he doesn't slip on ice and can have his hat breathe a stream of ice which freezes any enemies hit by it.


Lets-a-go, Mario

The item appears in Lets-a-go, Mario, as well as its alternate form, Ice Dragon Wario.

Mushroom War

In this MMO, Wario may don this hat if flagged as hostile against enemy players.

Ultimate Showdown

Wario is able to don his Dragon hat in this battle royale game by Lunatic Entertainment.



  • Wario is the only non-downloadable character in Lets-a-go, Mario with a non-standard fire form and ice form.

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