Dragon Quest Heros: Rocket Slime Racing is the first fantendo Dragon Quest Game and the first racing game for the Dragon Quest Series. Its made by Fun Dimension Inc. and for the 3DS only.


  • Slime - Light
  • Hooly the Healslime - Medium
  • Don Clawleonye - Heavy
  • Platypunk - Light
  • Cannibox - Medium
  • Hammerhood - Medium
  • Slivia - Light
  • Krak Pot - Heavy
  • Living Statue - Heavy
  • Slime Stack - Light


Wooden Cup

  • Slimeania
  • Iceolation
  • Hooly the Healslime Circuit
  • Mt. Kratatroda
  • (Boss Arena): Mt. Kratatroda Summit - Atlas

Silver Cup

  • Clawtrass Ruins
  • Slimaniean Desert
  • Cannibox Circuit
  • Slivia Seas
  • (Boss Arena): Slimeanian Castle - Shogum

Alchemy Cup

  • Slimewood
  • Hammerhood Circuit
  • Snowy Slimeburg
  • Golden Golem Canyon
  • (Boss Arena): Crazy Canopy - Mama Drackyma

Flucifer Cup

  • Slimeanien Tank
  • Slime Circuit
  • Don Clawleylonie's Castle
  • Golden Road
  • (Boss Arena): Dark Moon - Flucifer

Power Ups

  • Potato Launcher (Sends a Potato to crash into the next opponent)
  • Slime Knight (It works like the Tanooki Tail power up in MK7)
  • Coconut (Homes in unlike the Potato Launcher)
  • Fake Bag (Use it to shock players and fool them silly)
  • Shocktopus (Spits out ink at foes)
  • Ydrassial Leaf (Makes you invincible temporaraly)
  • Frizz (Makes you go faster and (If Close) burn opponents if they are behind)
  • Kerfrizz (Same as Frizz, but used thrice)


Coming Soon

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