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Dragon Quest Fighting Warriors: Allys Assemble is a 2.5D fighting game in the Dragon Quest series. It is also the 2nd game in the Dragon Quest Fighting Warriors series. In this game instead of 20 characters in the roster there are 69 characters in the roster. The title of the game means There are the Heroes' Allys in the roster. however there are three villans in the roster to remind people the third game.


The Gameplay is a lot similar to Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl's Stamina Gameplay due to the fact Stamina Mode makes you lose if your opponent defeats you by making you lose your HP. Despite that the gameplay has some differences: For example if you want your battle to be easy or hard, then here's this. Go to the character you selected touch them and there will be a menu if you want the game to be easy or hard. If you choose Really Easy it will be very easy for you to attack your opponent since the opponent will be calm, if you chose Hard then your opponent will be harsher than calm, etc. That only happens in Arcade Mode. There's also a menu for Battle Mode where you can choose any level of attacking. For example if you chose the number 1 (as the last number in the menu) it will make you attack your opponent and after you attack it they will be attacked "1+" which means that they will have 1 damage. If they chose 9 damage it will make it easier because when the opponent gets attacked they will have 9+ damage. Only on Battle Mode. There's a Mode called "Destroy all" where you have to battle enemies, or class, or races from the Dragon Quest series. It is both Easy and Hard at the same time. In that mode there's "Destroy all Monsters" "Destroy all Wolf Monsters" "Destroy all Classes", "Destroy all Dragon Quest X Races' and "Destroy all Bag of Laughs". There's also mission Mode called "Dragon Quest Missions"; there are 89 missions. Some missions have open world RPG gameplay, while other missions have the fighting game gameplay for this game. on the open world RPG missions it plays like Dragon Quest VIII by having RPG gameplay and the same camera style and graphics from Dragon Quest VIII. After you unlock all the characters there will be a mode on Single Player called "Defeat the Dragon Quest Stars". In this mode it makes you explore the over world trying to find all the characters you're supposed to find and fight. After you find them you will fight them and the gameplay in the mode will change to the fighting game gameplay. It happens to all the other characters after you find and fight all of them the mode will be completed. There's also a gallery for the characters. In the gallery it will give you explanation of the characters, what Dragon Quest game they came from and what he is, and what story he was involved in like " The Erdrick Trilogy". There's also a Data where you can "Erase the Hidden Characters" "Erase Hidden Stages" "Erase the Battle Mode Match Points" "Erase Single Player Mode Points and Modes" and "Erase all Data". and Finally there's also a demo of a upcoming Dragon Quest Tactial Game "Metal Sword: Dragon Quest" (fan-made). in the demo you choose any file and you have to complete 12 missions which takes a bit too long but if your good at the game even with the demo i'm pretty sure you can do it. There's also a Erase Data for this game as well. The Demo is not actually an unlockable thing. It still appears in the menu even if you don't have unlockable characters. In the Demo if you create a new file it lets you choose a character, which is two. One is the Hero named "Metlo" and the Heroine is named "Metla" who is also Metlo's sister. after you choose your character you can not go back to the character select screen until you make a new file. Metal Sword Dragon Quest is a 2D tactial role playing game which was created to be a tribute to people who had nostalgic moments with their Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and to be the first tactial Dragon Quest game. Just so you know, Metlo and Metla are both Metal Humans who live in a land where every human is made out of metal.

Starter Characters



Game: Dragon Quest I

Images (46)


Game: Dragon Quest II



Game: Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest IV Starters

Dq4 Hero

Solo (Male) Sofia (Female)


Princess Alena

Ragnar McRyan

Ragnar McRyan



Meena large








Dragon Quest V Starters












Dragon Quest VI Starter Characters









Terry2 (2)


Dragon Quest VII Starters





Dragon Quest VIII Starters

Dq8 Hero2


250px-Dq8 Yangus


Dragon Quest IX Starter


Name: Nine

Dragon Quest Monsters Starter


Name: Young Terry

Dragon Quest Tv Show Starter

Abel equipment1


Unlockable Characters 

Dragon Quest I Unlockables


Name: Kenshin Alef Note: A Clone of Alef

How To Unlock:

Just like the last game, complete Arcade Mode with Alef.


Lady Lora

How to Unlock:

Complete Dragon Quest Missions #4



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with any character after 3 hours of total playtime

Dragon Quest II Unlockable Characters



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Alen



How to Unlock:

Do Arcade Mode with Princeton

Dragon Quest III Unlockable Characters


Female Warrior

How to Unlock:

Complete Default Mode with Erdrick but before you get to the final battle you have to equip the Solider's Sword to to fight the boss if you want to unlock Female Warrior.



Martial Artist (Male Only)

How to Unlock:

Complete Dragon Quest Missions #20 with any character



How to Unlock:

Do Vs. Mode within 19 hours

Dragon Quest IV Unlockable Character

Psaro DQIV DS artwork


How to Unlock:

Do Arcade Mode with Solo with 3 HP Lives

Dragon Quest V Unlockable Character



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Nera

Dragon Quest VI Unlockable Character



How to Unlock:

Complete Default Mode with any Dragon Quest VI Character

Dragon Quest VII Unlokable Characters


Prince Kiefer

How to Unlock: 

Do Arcade Mode with Mergo or Arcade Mode with Winder after getting Mergo in a different way.



How to Unlock:

Complete Destroy all Wolf Monsters with any Dragon Quest VII Character.



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Arus, Maribel, Kiefer, and Gabo.



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Melvin


Spoco (Radar in Japanese Version)

How to Unlock:

Complete Dragon Quest Missions #77

Dragon Quest VII-2 (Fan-Made Idea for a Game) Unlockable Characters

Winder (Kiefer and Mayla's Son)

Winder (Kiefer and Layla's Future Son)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with all Heroes (The Starter Ones)

Mergo ( The rival and friend of Winder)

Mergo (Winder's Rival and Friend)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Winder 


Do Default Mode with any Dragon Quest VII Character in Hard Mode.

Dragon Quest VIII Unlockable Characters


Jessica Albert

How to Unlock:

Complete Dragon Quest Missions #30 with Eight

300px-Angelo DQVIII PS2 artwork


How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Jessica

Dragon Quest IX Unlockable

250px-Dragon quest ix conceptart mzyez


How to Unlock:

Do 19 Vs. Matches with Eight or Nine

Dragon Quest X Unlockable Character


Name: Tello

How to Unlock:

Complete Destroy all Classes and Destroy all Dragon Quest X Classes with any character

Dragon Quest Monsters Unlockable Characters

80px-DQ9 She-slime


How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with any character



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with She-Slime

80px-Metal Slime

Metal Slime

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Metal Slime



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Young Terry



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Cobi



How to Unlock:

Just like the last game Complete Destroy all Monsters with any characters. 

Download (100)


How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Joker, just like the last game.

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 3 Hero (Kua)


How to Unlock:

Just like the last game, Complete Arcade Mode with Monco.

Kubo Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3

Kubo (Kua's Dark Clone)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Kua.

Dragon Quest Swords Unlockable Characters

Dragon quest swords conceptart HyEWP


How to Unlock:

Complete Dragon Quest Missions# 69 with Kenshin Alef.

Dragon quest swords conceptart ynidq


How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Blade

Metal Sword: Dragon Quest (Fan-Made idea game)



How to Unlock:

Complete the Metal Sword Demo with any character.



How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Metlo

Super Mario Bros Unlockable Characters

Mario (3)

Mario (Yes.....Mario has joined the battle.....HOORAY!!!)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with 10 characters

Luigi (3)

Luigi (And yes, even Luigi.......YEAH!!!)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Mario

Dragon Quest TV Show Unlockable Character



How to Unlock:

Complete Any Mode with Abel

Dragon Quest Mystery Dungeon Unlockable Character


Young Yangus

How to Unlock:

Do 400 Vs. Matches


Beat Destroy all Bag of Laughs with all characters except for him and the other secret character.

Final Secret Character


Young Kiefer

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Kiefer after getting all the characters


Complete Any Mode with all Characters


  •  If you unlock Young Yangus by doing 400 matches then his icon will be standing next to Arus but if you unlock all characters except for Young Kiefer, Young Yangus' icon will be moved to being next to Tello.
  • Mario and Luigi was announced to be in the roster even though this is a Dragon Quest Game. Yuji said that Mario and Luigi were in the roster because there were 2 games that was a crossover between Mario characters and Dragon Quest Characters. One called: Itadaki Street DS, and the second was called Fortune Street.
  • After you get all the characters you will get two ? boxes of Young Yangus and Young Kiefer standing next to Tello which to get theses boxes unlock all the characters except for the two.
  • Gabo has been claimed to be the most used character in the Tier list due to his moves being more responsive then Dai's attacks from the last game, and way more faster then Dai and has been ranked 1st in the Most Used or Not Used Characters list. Dai is now ranked 3rd in the Tier list.
  • Allys Assemble is the first ever Dragon Quest Fighting Warriors to have a demo of a upcoming Dragon Quest Game.
  • Even though Ashlynn is one of the main characters in Dragon Quest VI she is still an unlockable character, probably because Jessica who is an unlockable character is a clone of her in the game, or because she's in love with Botsu and because of that If You Unlock her with Botsu it would be like if he was saving her from a monster, and with other Dragon Quest VI Characters, She would expect it was Botsu but it's not.
  • The Same thing with Kiefer, even though he is one of the main characters in VII (as the cover of VII looks like he's main anyway), he is still unlockable. probably because later on in VII (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) Kiefer leaves the party forever to be with the Dejans, or it's because he is Winder's future father.
  • Unlike the last game, Rocket is an unlockable in this game. the reason why was because Yuji was having roster issues with the characters so he had to make him be unlockable.
  • Unlike the first game and the third game, Eight and Nine are starters in this game. probably the only Fighting Warriors game to have Eight and Nine be starters.

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