Dragon Quest Fighting Warrios Character Select -11

The Character Selection For the Game.

Dragon Quest Fighting Warriors is a fan made fighting game based on the Dragon Quest series. This is the first game in the Dragon Quest Fighting Warriors series. In this game the character roster only has hero characters. The other two games have heroes, allies, and villains in the rosters. 


The Gameplay is a lot similar to Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl's Stamina Gameplay due to the fact Stamina Mode makes you lose if your opponent defeats you by making you lose your HP. Despite that the gameplay has some differences: For example if you want your battle to be easy or hard, then here's this.  Go to the character you selected touch them and there will be a menu if you want the game to be easy or hard. If you choose Really Easy it will be very easy for you to attack your opponent since the opponent will be calm, if you chose Hard then your opponent will be harsher than calm, etc. That only happens in Arcade Mode. There's also a menu for Battle Mode where you can choose any level of attacking. For example if you chose the number 1 (as the last number in the menu) it will make you attack your opponent and after you attack it they will be attacked "1+" which means that they will have 1 damage. If they chose 9 damage it will make it easier because when the opponent gets attacked they will have 9+ damage. Only on Battle Mode. There's a Mode called Destroy all Monsters where you have to battle 64 enemies from the Dragon Quest series. It is both Easy and Hard at the same time. There's also mission Mode called "Dragon Quest Missions"; there are 14 missions. Some missions have open world RPG gameplay, while other missions have the fighting game gameplay for this game. on the open world RPG missions it plays like Dragon Quest VIII by having RPG gameplay and the same camera style and graphics from Dragon Quest VIII. After you unlock all the characters there will be a mode on Single Player called "Defeat the Dragon Quest Stars". In this mode it makes you explore the over world trying to find all the characters you're supposed to find and fight. After you find them you will fight them and the gameplay in the mode will change to the fighting game gameplay. It happens to all the other characters after you find and fight all of them the mode will be completed. There's also a gallery for the characters. In the gallery it will give you explanation of the characters, what Dragon Quest game they came from and what he is, and what story he was involved in like " The Erdrick Trilogy". There's also a Data where you can "Erase the Hidden Characters" "Erase Hidden Stages" "Erase the Battle Mode Match Points" "Erase Single Player Mode Points and Modes" and "Erase all Data".




Name: Alef


Game: Dragon Quest I

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Name: Alen

Game: Dragon Quest II


Name: Erdrick

Game: Dragon Quest III


Male Name: Solo Female Name: Sofia

Game: Dragon Quest IV



Name: Drown

Game: Dragon Quest V


Name: Botsu

Game: Dragon Quest VI

Arus 17174

Name: Arus


Name: Young Terry


Name: Rocket


Name: Abel

Game: Dragon Quest VII

Game: Dragon Quest Monsters

Game: Rocket Slime

Show: Dragon Quest Legend of the Hero Abel

Hidden Characters

Dq8 Hero

Name: Eight

Game: Dragon Quest VIII

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with any Character


Name: Nine

Game: Dragon Quest IX

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode wtih Eight


Name: Kenshin Alef. Note: A Clone of Alef

Game: Kenshin Dragon Quest (Japan Only)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Alef

Terry2 (1)

Name: Terry

Game: Dragon Quest VI

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Young Terry


Name: Blade

Game: Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Towers of Mirrors.

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Kenshin Alef

Dqj hero

Name: Joker

Game: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker

How to Unlock:

Beat Destroy all Monsters with any character


Name: Monco

Game: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Joker

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 3 Hero (Kua)

Name: Kua

Game: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 (Fan Made idea)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode wtih Monco


Name: Tello

Game: Dragon Quest X (Japan Only)

How to Unlock:

Complete Arcade Mode with Nine


Name: Dai

Show: Dragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure (Japan Only)

How to Unlock:

After getting all the characters except for him complete Destroy all Monsters with Abel.


Play Vs. Mode within 19 hours (if you don't want him to be the last unlockable)


  • Cobi and Tara (Heroes of Dragon Quest Monsters 2) were supposed to be in the game, however due to character roster issues they were not in the roster and would instead be in other 2 fighting warriors games "Allys Assemble" and "Villain Power".

  • Kenshin Alef, Tello and Dai are the only characters in the game that only appeared in something that was in Japan only but not outside of it.

  • Dai has been claimed to be the most used character in the game, because of his amazing speed, very good recovery, and Very responsive attacks. Many people consider him to be the best character in the game. The Only Unlockable Character in the game that is More popular then other unlockable characters.

  • This Game actually marks Kua's first appearance in any game. He was in the game to mind players to be prepared for the upcoming Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 (fan-made idea). The idea was inspired by Roy's first appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

  • Even though the creator (me) said that there would be heroes only in this roster, Terry was still in the roster even though he was Botsu's ally in Dragon Quest VI. He said he was in the game because since Young Terry was the Hero of Monsters, he thought that "Putting Adult Terry in the game would make sense"

  • Eight and Nine were unlockable characters because they were both in 2 3D Dragon Quest Games even though Dragon Quest VII had its 3D moments Arus is still a starter character for some reason.