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[Everthing zooms in at a distant planet, not Earth.]

* Narrator - Somewhere in a galaxy, a lonely fighter fights for an alien species that can threaten the Earth.

[A human warrior named Dockfar is seen in a distant barrier above the alien planet along with a few other fighters, many of them seem alien, with disfigured faces. The human warrior seems to be roughly beaten, with torn clothes, and blood in his face and body. A figure rises from a ship which was also in the barrier. It was a pink alien creature with dark pink lips and a shine on it's head.]

  • Dockfar - Grilla! I thought you'd show up! Now listen carefully! The scerens are done following you! They're free, they'll take their own path!

Grilla stays silent and listens patiently.

  • Dockfar - They're not your dogs! You hear me?!

[Dockfar angrily shoots a beam at the alien but it she dodges it. Grilla suddenly laughes and throws a large ball of fire towards all the warriors.]

  • Dockfar - What
  • Grilla - Hahahahahahaha!

[Everyone is blasted and destroyed including Dockfar]

  • Dockfar (Thinking) - I failed.

[He suddenly has a vision of his own son, as a grown man. He smiles as he burns.]

  • Dockfar - RYU!

[Osaka Japan, Little Ryu appears.]

  • Narrator - A young boy named Ryu came to the earth and changed it in a good way. During his adventures, he met a girl named Sheena, who helped him search for mysterious objects. And if gathered, a mysterious entity will appear and grant your heart's greatest desires. In return for Sheena's help, Ryu met Shrimmen and Master Ku. Who started as his mentor

to fight alien invasions. The strongest one was a blue alien named Flute. Who was eventually defeated and promised revenge. It was 12 years after that brutal battle. Ryu married Kimiko, his secret love. And the Earth was finally at peace, until now.

[Adult Ryu walks out and smells the fresh air. Then Kimiko pushes him out of the way. Ryu falls down]

  • Kimiko - RYO! RYO! Where are you?

[She looks down at the fallen Ryu with an angry face.]

  • Kimiko - Ryu what did you do with our son!? I thought he was with you?! What if something happens to my-
  • Ryu - Kimiko! Calm down! I'll go look for him.
  • Kimiko - Oh you better!
  • Ryu - I will.

[Ryu flies above the forest and looks around for his son]

  • Ryo - Dad! Daddy! Where are you?

[The little 5 year old looks around the forest, scared. He cries and feels really lonely. Suddenly, he hears a roar. He looks, it's a lion! Ryo gets scared and runs away but appearently, he's running with his eyes closed. He runs towards a lion and it runs away. Then Ryu swoops down and picks up his son. Together, they fly back home in their cabin.]

  • Ryu - Ryo, what were you doing in that forest?
  • Ryo - Mommy told me you went to get fish in the river. When I got there, I couldn't find you, and I got lost.
  • Ryu - Becareful nextime, okay? Now let's go home and have sush, your favorite!
  • Ryo - Yay!

[Both of them laugh as they fly across the forest. Then they finally reach home, and sit on the dining table. Kimiko comes and serves them sushi. The two boys eat eagerly and hungrily.]

  • Kimiko - Why.......why didn't I have my sister with me to teach these two how to eat properly.
  • Ryu (talking with his mouth full) - What was that?
  • Kimiko - RYU! How dare you talk with your mouth full?! Maybe this is because Ryo is not learning his table manners properly! Don't you know Master Ku is coming?
  • Ryu - Really? Master Ku is coming?
  • Kimiko - Yes. Who else?
  • Ryu - The Master Ku, who has trained me?
  • Ryo - Really, daddy? Master Ku trained you?
  • Ryu - Yeah, if it weren't for him, your mother wouldn't have been interested in me, and you would've been born at all.
  • Ryo - Ew.

[Ryu and Kimiko laugh. The door bell rings.]

  • Kimiko - Oh! Yay! They're finally here!

[She opens the door, Master Ku and all of his friends, including a talking crab on his shoulder yells, "hi!".]

  • Kimiko - Well hello everybody, Master Ku, Mr. Crab, Sheila, Srimmel and of course, Pigsworth.

[Everyone wipes their feet and step in the house and sit on the dining room table.]

  • Kimiko - Please, let me get some sushi for all of you.
  • Sheena - Wow, Kimiko, your nice behavior never fails to impress me.
  • Kimiko - Well, not when Ryu's in the house, screwing up things.
  • Mr. Ku - Speaking of Ryu, I hear there's a new treadmill in the city. One step in that machine and you'll be fit in just a week!
  • Ryu - Yeah, but I just don't believe those TV commercials. Why use a contraption when you got a training room in your house with your wife and a son to support you.
  • Ryo - I'll be strong just like daddy soon!
  • Sheena - Oh, Ryu! Your son is so cute!

[She hugs him, though, Ryo is resisting.]

  • Master Ku - Hahahahaha! Indeed! I remember the time when Ryo said that he'll marry her that day.
  • Ryo - But that was when I was 3, how was I supposed to know she was 15 years older than me?

[The memory made everyone laugh.] [A space pod crashes on a mountain. The door opens, a warrior named Felixos comes out, he looks human, but he isn't. He looks around for any life.]

  • Felixos - What in the world? I can't detect any life forms, this is most strange.

[His blue tooth beeps.]

  • Felixos - Ah, now there's a life-form that seems worthy enough. Strangely, it's not human. Oh well.

[He flies to the direction where he detects the mysterious fighter's energy. Later, a blue creature is seen, his name is Flute, he opens his eyes and acts amazed to feel an energy extremely high]

  • Flute - What?! What is that raw power I'm sensing?! It can't be Ryu, so who is that?!

[Feliox lands and stays silent with his arms crossed.]

  • Feliox - Your battle strength is acceptional, almost.
  • Flute - Who are you? Are you asking for death?
  • Feliox - Hahahaha! My, aren't you a feisty one?

[Feliox presses is Bluetooth, it beeps.]

  • Feliox - You're not one of the inhabitants of this puny planet, so you're of no use to me.
  • Flute - No one talks to be that way!

['The blue alien blasts the extraterrestrial life form, but has no effect.]

  • Flute - What?! It didn't even give him a scratch?!
  • Feliox - Don't try to mess with me, trust me. You'll regret doing that.

[Feliox flies away, ignoring the trembling alien.]

  • Flute - He's gone but I'm still trembling. Who was that?

[Flute just sits there, quietly. Meanwhile, everyone is outside in the front yard of Ryu's yard.]

  • Shrimmel - Boy, that was some dinner. Thanks, Kimiko. That was really delicious.
  • Kimiko - Well, that's my job. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
  • Master Ku - It was great to spend the day coming over.
  • Sheena - Hey, Ryu, didn't get all the Dragon Orbs yet? I mean you were looking for them, were you?
  • Ryu - Oh yeah, I already got all 10. I hear if you get all, a mysterious being will come out and grant any of your greatest desires.
  • Shrimmel - So, what will you ask for?
  • Ryu - I don't know. Come to think of it, I don't really want anything, my life is perfect. I have a family, the Earth is at peace. So there's not much to ask for.
  • Talking cat - Sure, I guess Flute stopped his plans of domination.
  • Ryu - Maybe. You can't be sure.

[Suddenly, Ryu senses an energy coming towards them.]

  • Ryu - Oh no! I'm sensing a strong energy coming, and it's really powerful.
  • Shrimmel - What are you talking about? I don't sense anything.
  • Ryu - It's coming closer, Ah! It's here!

[Everyone looks up, it's Feliox! But they don't know who that is. The sceren warrior lands and smiles.]

  • Feliox - So, here is what I was looking for, a croud of humans.
  • Ryu - Who are you?
  • Feliox - I'm an alien spacefighter. And we look for species to destroy and we take over their planets.
  • Shrimmel - What? You're an alien?! But that's impossible! You look human!
  • Ryu - Wait. What do you mean by "we"?
  • Feliox - Well, you see, I was sent to this planet in a pod by a species known as the scerens. We look for planet with life forms. We destroy it and with these bluetooths, we communicate with others. So it's simple, does it sink in yet?
  • Shrimmel - Urgh. Alright, no more tricks. I don't believe a single word you're saying. So joke's over, bye.

['Shrimmel steps foward but Feliox kicks him away.]

  • Ryu - Shrimmel! No!
  • Narrator - Just who is this mysterious fighter? Who are the scerens? And what do they want? Find out, in next Dragon Orb GX!

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