The Dragon Bomb!

The Dragon Bomb is a Bob-omb that was fused with a machine, thus making it a cyborg. It usually appears as a boss, but has been known to compete in sports as well. It is the boss of world 2 in Doug Piranha.


The dragon bomb is a red bob-omb with black wings. It has a black dome over its head to protect its fuse. To defeat it, you must wait for it to land, then rush over and ground pound its dome. Do this 3 more times to break the dome, then just breath fire on it to defeat it.


Dragon Bomb will first just fly around and spit two or three fireballs at you and then fall to the ground for you to attack. Once you have damaged it once, it gets angry at you. It will then fly up again and spray a steady stream of fire downwards. He will spray fireballs again and fall down, but this time, he will instantly breathe fireballs toward you. Wait for him to be done with this, and pound him again. This time he will get really angry! He will now do six fireballs, and then ground pound the ground! He will then charge for his ultimate attack. He will glow red and inflate, and breathe a massive flame in the direction he is facing! After this pound him again and his fuse will be exposed. Breathe fire on it to win!

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