Drago the Forest Dragon
Date of Birth Around 1995
Gender Male
Species Animatronic Dragon
Current Status Broken
Height Small-Average
Weight Medium-High
Sexuality Robot
Series Several Nights at Fierce's
Drago the Forest Dragon is one of the Several Nights at Fierce's animatronics, althrough he is one of the least important ones.


Normal Design

Drago is a robotic dragon. Most of his parts are articulated, through they show the endoskeleton inside. He is green, has short eyebrows as well as small claws. His belly is an olive color.

Figurine Design

Like Drake and Drew, Drago got a pretty big design overhaul. He now looks more nature-themed, his tail beign tall grass as well as grass around his legs. He also has an yellow garment on his head. Like Drake, he has dragon wings, but Drago's are smaller and rounder.


Drago has very few abilities aside from disabling cameras and beign physically strong. He can suddenly boost speed at times, but most of the time he's rather slow. He can jump rather high for an animatronic.


Drago is at least semi-sentient, as he is able to make decisions and improvise the shows he's in. He is often shown to be lazy, but also constantly telling others to do races, work, etc. However he still cares for his friends.


Normal Design

Figurine Design


  • It is implied that even the employees think Drago's design is lazy; it's just a recolor of Drake. This changes in the second game however.