Oh, dearest me. It seems the bear has gotten stranded. Missing mummy and dada? And your fwiends?
Dragmire taunting Unten, 2045

Full Name Allistor Dragmire/"Lord Dragmire"
Current Age 1,637
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Mirror Deity
Current Status Alive
Class Mirror Deity


Family and Relations
Unten, Netnu, Doomulus Grime, Fanti, Milli, Auvrey, Alice Virsank III
Main Weapon(s) His own body, as he's able to change at will.
Ability/ies Shape-shifting, manipulation
Voice Actor(s)
S. Scott Bullock
First Appearance 2045
Latest Appearance 2045
 Allistor Dragmire, now known as Lord Dragmire, is a Mirror Deity and the primary antagonist of the 20XX series. Once a human being, Dragmire died of assasination, but due to his immense greed and anger, he was converted into a Mirror Deity. He's clashed heads with Unten and his friends many times, along with Netnu and Doomulus Grime, and has a bad relationship with the god's above.

As of now, he is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.


WAY before the events of 2045, a man named Allistor Dragmire ruled over both North Stationary and South Stationary with an iron grip. He was corrupt, and everything was in straight order. Those who didn't follow his command were turned into pigs and forced to eat trash. He was studying "Mirror Deities", beings who could not only predict the future, but could transform and manipulate people at will. A year later, he was assasinated by villagers and thrown down into a pit to rot forever.

However, someone sensed the rage and greed in his heart, and revived him as Mirror Deity. Dragmire found out when enraged, his body would crack, going into an intense mental state. Setting out for revenge, he came back and destroyed the cities he once ruled over. However, a "blue individual" had come to stop him, and successfully sealed Dragmire away...

Until 2012.


Dragmire's body is made up of glass. His eyes are a light red, has pointy ears, and messed up hair. He wears robes made of many cloths, and his hands are non-existent, as they were sliced off during his assasination. However, he CAN turn them into many different things, the most used ones being swords.


Even when he was alive, Dragmire was a cruel and insane person. However, he hid those emotions behind a wall of crude humor. When mad, he doesn't hesitate to go ballistic and attack anyone or anything in his path.

Games He Appeared In

  • 2045: Dragmire's first appearance. Unten must stop him before he takes back the Stationaries!
  • 2046: His return. Dragmire is the main antagonist again, and he has a new plan in store...


  • His name, Dragmire, is non-canon last name of Ganondorf.
  • His personality is based on the Nintendo villain, Hades.
  • S. Scott Bullock ALSO voiced Hades.