Species Origin Gragar Cave
First Appearance Pete
Latest Appearance Pete
Related Species
Notable Members



Dragkas are a species from Pete. They are dragons of various sizes living in Gargon Cave on Gargon Peak. After a plague fatal swept the Earth, Humans created them and other new sentient beings to continue on the Earth. They also destined one family of each tribe and species to rule over them, and each of those familys have desided to use Human names, unlike their kiln.


The species actually defers in size, shape and color, attributes only based down through generation by familys. Like the other sentient tribes and animals, they are ruled by one family that was destined by the Humans. Each one, however, is able to fly and breathe fire eventually. When eggs are created, it can take a total of 5 months in special webs to hatch. When this happens, a Dragkanette comes out. After a few years of like, the Dragkanette will either turn into a young Dragka or find out it will stay a Dragkanette the rest of it's life. When Dragkanettes turn into a Dragka, they are much like small versions of what they will turn into, but with no wings and the inablility to breathe fire. Dragkas must wait to get a scale from the Great Tree Of Life in order to grow wings and fly, and must eat a Spicy Fruit 'o' Buring to breathe fire.

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