Draco Koopa
Draco Koopa
Draco Koopa
Full Name Draco Koopa
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Species Koopaling
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To The Following;
  • Jumped On
  • Fireballs
  • Iceballs
  • Tanooki Swipe
  • Cat Attacks
  • Spin Attacks
  • Metallic Flower Attacks
  • Music Note Dash
  • Boomerangs
  • Hammers

Draco Koopa is one of the Koopalings and is part of a Sub-Group called the Mythical Koopalings. Draco is the oldest and the most ferocious being regularly angry and easily able to have a complete meltdown at any moment. He governs the power of Fire and is possibly the most powerful Koopaling with Fire Techniques even outmatching Ignis & Bowser.


Draco is the third shortest of the Mythical Koopalings despite being the oldest, heights often mistake him as being taller than everyone except Sirenae & Orcu due to his hair which is red in colour. Aside from its flame shape he also has sideburns. His Torso Plates are striped in their shape, curving downwards. His shell is a Medium shade of Red.

Draco, also wields an Axe which he uses as a melee weapon in combat in conjunction with his Fire Abilities. It has a small piece of Blue Metal in the middle that is able to be ignited.


Through the various pieces of lore scattered across all the Mario Games, it is revealed that the Mythical Koopalings existed a long time ago, inidicating and confirming their lack of proper relation to Bowser. The Mythical Koopalings supposedly were from 300 years before the present day in the Mushroom Kingdom and originally helped Bowser's ancestors take over the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighbours until they were eventually sealed away in a Grand Star and Bowser's Ancestors were defeated.

The argueably, most successful Koopaling during the battles, Draco lead a tyrannical army of Fire Bros., Splorches & Magmaarghs. His reign of fiery destruction caused mass fear among the allied Kingdoms and was known to sweep through a city within a day and capture it or lay it to waste. Draco was known as being strict and cunning towards his troops and would often be able to encourage them despite his harsh and brutal tactics. Overall Draco became known as one of the great conquerers of the time along with Sirenae & Orcus and is sometimes considered the most devastating of the three.

Draco knowing his capture was soon, made several impressive tactical attacks causing heavy blows to many of the allied Kingdoms and while he was captured in an assault on the Toadstool Castle he lead the way to a near victory against the Mushroom Kingdom. He was the last Mythical Koopaling captured nad for the past 300 years had remained sealed away along with his siblings, unable to do evil to the world again.


Draco is rather easy to predict due to how aggravated he is all the time, unlike most of his siblings, Draco is extremely dangerous in battle, often well aware of his enemy's abilities and methods to counter such abilities.

He often taunts his foes believing them to be weak and feeble. His abilities with Fire also make him a bit Hubris often seeing himself as superior to the other Koopalings.


Like most Koopalings, Dracois able to spin rapidly in her shell to perform dash attacks. In addition while in his shell, Draco is able to spur out a flurry of Flamethrowers to attack enemies. In addition in regular combat he is able to slash violently with his Axe, forcing enemies to move quickly. He doesn't spit fire like other Koopalings and instead is able to let loost a full flamethrower.

Utilizing his Fire Abilities, Draco is able to summon a Fire Storm to rain down on the field as well as raise Fire walls out of the ground. In addition he is able to ignite his axe for added range and effect on the environment. Lastly and possibly his most devastating attack, Draco is able to physically melt bricks and stone into Lava and launch it at his enemies as a wave.

Game Appearances

New Super Mario Bros. Lambda

Draco along with the other 7 Mythical Koopalings will appear as Castle Bosses for the 8th to 14th Worlds in the game. Draco appears as the boss of the 14th World, Podoboo Volcano.

Draco is naturally the most difficult Koopaling in the game being the 14th one faced. His battle consists of five stages, and to emphasize his determination, Draco actually breaks the timer meaning the battle goes on for as long as it takes the player/s.

During the first phase, Draco appears in a rising lava Chamber, in which he and the player/s must ascend to the top to avoid the lava, Draco will frequently fire spurts of Fire and Ground Pound causing some platforms to fall quickly. The player will never be able to hit Draco due to Draco being able to jump faster, higher and further than the player/s. Eventually the player/s and Draco get out of the Lava Chamber which erupts initiating the second phase of the battle.

In the second phase of the battle, Draco conjures a shadow version of himself, and attempts to Double Team against the player/s (note, with multiple players there are an equal number of Shadow Dracos created to the number of players). The Shadow Draco/s chase the player/s while Draco himself lets loose a Flamethrower and several fireballs which form lava puddles. After being hit and forced to hide in his shell three times, Draco re-absorbs the Shadow Draco/s and punches the platform that he and the player/s are on forcing it to begin falling down the volcano side, beginning the third battle phase.

During the third Battle phase, the player must deal with Draco Koopa who is constantly in his shell dashing across the arena occasionally shooting fireballs out of his shell. At the same time, shadows indicating a falling rock begin to appear. The player's main objective is to have Draco Koopa underneath the falling rocks when they hit. After being hit 4 times, the arena crashes into a cave where the fourth phase of the battle starts.

The fourth phase of the battle, comprises of a large arena full of mirrors which show various copies of Draco, it is up to the player/s to determine where Draco is and to hit him, while avoiding his ricocheting fireballs. Each time Draco is hit he punches the mirrors causing them to rotate as well as several breaking each time. By the time he is on his last life for this phase he will have broken all the mirrors, forcing the player/s to rely on listening for Draco's voice. After being defeated, Draco falls however just as the player/s go near him, he jumps back up and runs through a large mirror on the back of this cave. Following after him, the player/s find themselves in a room with molten gold, flowing into the pit below, this begins the final phase.

In this final phase, Draco appears by launching out of one of the Molten Golden falls in his shell and lands on the platform, he reveals he's coated in gold. In this form he chucks everything he's got including his Flamethrower a Fire Wall that protects him from projectiles that the player/s might throw at him as well as on several occasions summoning a Fire Storm which rains down fiery rocks very quickly. However despite this the player/s are still able to best him, by repeatedly ground pounding him to his defeat.


  • Draco is possibly one of the oldest Koopalings and is a powerful individual due to his constant need to attack and fight.
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