Drabuu is the genetically modified cousin of Tabuu, and the prince of Subspace. His power is only rivalled by his cousin Tabuu, and his father, the Subspace King. He is unable to feel negative emotions. He appears in Super Smash Bros. Zero as the penultimate boss.


Unlike Tabuu who relied on Subspace Bombs, Drabuu can open small portals of Subspace wherever he goes, and they begin to gradually expand until they have consumed everything. He can also re-open previously opened portals, however when he does these portals cannot grow anymore. He has his own version of the Off Waves, where he uses his guitar which unleashes sound waves of enormous power. They, however, do not transform characters into trophies but rather warps them to Subspace.


Drabuu's objective is not to conquer the world or destroy it, but to create a new one where everybody can be happy. He wants to accomplish this by absorbing everything into Subspace so that he has control.


  • Drabuu's name was based on the fact if you take away the uu from Tabuu and turn it around, it becomes bat. His name was originally going to have bird, but was instead bard. This is why he uses a guitar for his Off Waves.

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