The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga is a saga featuring the tales of Dr. Toadley and Dr. Mush and their rivalry. The first game, The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins, is set to release in early 2011.

The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins

Dr. Mario's business is at a loss when a new hot-shot doctor opens up a rival clinic on the other side of town. Now it is up to Dr. Mario, Nurse Chansey, and Ultra Man to take back the business from Dr. Toadley and his crew!


The following is a list of the main and supporting characters of the series,


Dr. Toadley

Dr. Toadley- The first game's main antagonist, Dr. Toadley is a new doctor in Toad Town who has recently stolen much of Dr. Mush's business. Dr. Mush has made enemies with this new doctor and won't rest until Toadley is out of business. Dr. Toadley is set to appear as the main protagonist in the next game.



Taco -This character is very minor in the series,but can be seen in every game. Taco sometimes called "Ultra Man's side-kick". He is set to re-appear in Dr. Toadley's Revenge after his debut in Dr. vs. Dr.

Dr. Yeldaot

Dr. Yeldaot- Dr. Yeldaot is a clone of Dr. Toadley and acts as the game's narrator. He is set to resume his role in the next game.

Dr. Mush- Dr. Mush is Toad Town's older doctor. His role in the first game credited him as that game's main protagonist, while in the squeal he is set to be the main antagonist. He once said, "You'll regret doing that Dr. Toadley!", and he won't stop with schemes and pranks until Dr. Toadley regrets ever coming to Toad Town.

Birdley- Birdley is Dr. Toadley's pet and messenger bird. Birdley's role in the first game made him serve as a


minor antagonist, while in the seconded game he is set to be a major protagonist.

Nurse Chansey- She is Dr. Mush's intern and assistant. She is very supportive of her boss, and is always in agreement with him. She and Dr. Toadley are said to have had a love life before Toadley's arrival in Toad Town. She is set to re-appear in Dr. Toadley's Revenge.


Ultra Man

Ultra Man- He is Dr. Mush's nephew and works as Dr. Toadley's intern in the first game (originally, Dr. Mush told Ultra Man to get the job so he could help his uncle bring down Dr. Toadley,but later on in the game UltraMan develops a friendship with Dr. Toadley. It has not been confirmed that he will reappear in Dr. Toadley's Revenge.


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