The Doc.

Dr. Yeldaot is a clone of Dr. Toadley who narrates The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga.


Dr. Yeldaot's debut was in The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins, and is set to appear in it's successor, Dr. Toadley's Revenge.

The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins

Dr. Yeldaot appears in The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins as a narrator in the beginning and ending of the game. He also makes a cameo in the game, where players can donate coins to him at the First National Mushroom Bank. The amount of coins the player donates effects how well the ending credits images appear; if a small amount is donated (under 50) most photos will be black and white with blurs or be ripped, if the player donates a fair amount (51-100 coins) the photos will be black and white, but have no damage to them, and if they player donates a generous amount (over 100) the images will be in full color and have no damage done.

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