Dr. Wrenchbrain
Elven's artwork from Derby Dash
Full Name Dr. Elven "Ovi" Wrenchbrain
Current Age 61
Date of Birth July 18th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Speedtropolis
Class Villian
Main Weapon(s) His creations
Vulnerable To Being defeated by Derby
(Unknown Name)
First Appearance Derby Dash
I thought Carl was playing with you! No worries. I am going to celebrate Dead Derby Day after I defeat you!Prepare for your failure!
Dr. Wrenchbrain, Before the Final Boss in Derby Dash

Doctor Elven Wrenchbrain, also known by his alias Doctor Ovi, is a video game character and the main antagonist of the Derby Dash series created by Metal Chaos Inc.. He is a rotund mad scientist with an IQ of over 600, who plans to conquer the planet Speedtropolis in order to build his Wrenchbrain Army, and is the archenemy of Derby Dash.


Elven and his grandfather used to work on mini robots, toy plane with a remote control, and other creations. Soon his grandfather had died during the event of Town War III. Elven then praticed until his name was Dr. Wrenchbrain, and he got completely insane about the death of his grandfather that he planned to kill the good. But to this day, he just likes to be evil.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning


Isha renchi nō

Doctor Wrench Brain
Italian Dottore Egg-Cervello Dr. Egg-Brain

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