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Dr. Tubby is the 47th episode of the Skip and Sqak Anime Series and the 7th Episode of the 3rd Season. It premiered on March 28 1998. The story is when Tubby tries to cure Skip who is sick so he won't go to the "scary" docter.



The episode begins when Sqak wake up one morning to find something strange about Skip, so he calls Mia over. Skip wakes up with Mia telling him to stay in bed, he does so. Later, Tubby comes to Mia's aparment room to invite Skip to go blobbing togethor, only to find the baby frog looking ugly in his bed (Red eyes, bluck mouth). When Tubby found out Mia is taking Skip to the docter this afternoon, he tells Skip the docter is a "Dangerous Man who only does TORTURE to you!"

Horrified, Skip doesn't wanna go to the docter, so Tubby (or Dr. Tubby) tries to cure him before he goes there. First, Tubby sees Skip's throat all red and soar so he gives him a cup of cold water with ice cubes, and Skip gargles the cold water until his mouth is literally frozen.

Second, Tubby fills the bathtub with corn and puts Skip in it. When the phone rings, Tubby goes to answer it but throws his flashlight under the tub. While talking on the phone, Tubby smells something that makes him think of popcorn. Realizing what it is, Tubby runs back to the bathroom to find popcorn everywhere and Skip is under the popping tub of popcorn due to the heat of the flashlight. When Tubby tries to save Skip, he falls into the tub of popcorn and the tub breaks through the floor and into a couple's room.

Finally, Tubby fed Skip so much food and puts him to his "Barf Up 9000" to get rid of his upset stomach. Sqak and Mia catch Tubby in the act as Skip finally barfs from the Barf Up Machine. At the docter, Dr. Marvin does the "Frog Treatment" to get rid of Skip's fever and afterwords his Ant Nurses give Skip hugs and kisses. When Tubby saw Skip getting a big sucker from the docter, he pretends to be sick but instead of a sucker, the docter ties Tubby to the Barf Up 9000 with the show ending when Tubby Barfs.


  • In Tubby's mind, he imagines Skip tied to an operating table with a giant saw bending toward him. That is a reference to Mickey Mouse's The Mad Docter.
  • Also, Tubby thought the docter would steal Skip's limbs to create a "thing" and we see a monster that resembles the character Jeff from Scud: The Disposable Assassin.

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