Dr. Tron
Dr. Tron
The inventing, but goofy, scientist
Full Name Dr. Tron
Gender Male
Species Chimpanzee
Location Sunny City
Current Status Active
Class Anagonist (first game), then an ally in later games.
Family and Relations
Mia (Love Interest)
Main Weapon(s) His inventions
Ability/ies Building things, Helicopter
Voice Actor(s)
Billy West (1996-2004)
Patrick Warburton (2005-Present)
First Appearance Skip and Sqak (1993)
Dr. Tron is a chimp like scientist and first appeared as a minor antagonist of Skip and Sqak, and later a supporting protagonist of Skip and Sqak 2. He used to be Dante's secret henchman ordered to kill Skip and Sqak, and later he is reformed and helps his friends go back home in the sequel. He is shown to have a huge crush on Mia.

Skip and Sqak

Skip and Sqak try to search for Tron to ask if he can help stop the Ant invasion. Once finding him at Black Water Stream, Tron tells them to meet him down in his underground lab to test their strength. Seeing that the duo survived the deadly course, Dr. Tron pulls a switch that opens a trapdoor below Skip and Sqak's feet, making them fall to an arena where they fight Dr. Tron's Robot Gorilla. It turns out that the nutty ape is working for Emporer Dante so he can be the lackey of his new empire. However the two survive, Dante later decides that Tron should start his "new assignment". Dante orders Dr. Tron to go up to the Moon Base and defeat the duo in a space fight, or he'll get fired. Since Tron is a whimp, Dante lets him use his Hornet 3-64 to defeat them with. Tron fails, and after getting fired he reforms and appears after the credits testing his massager MEGA on tv. When Skip, Sqak, and Mia watch this, they turn the tv off because it was too disturbing.

Skip and Sqak 2

Tron got sent 600 Million years into the future along with the gang and Mia. He gets locked in Red Ant Palace but SSFF rescued him. He helps the gang's war against Professor X2.

Skip and Sqak 3

Tron appears as an ally giving Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby and X2 missions to fight off Redworx.

Skip and Sqak Returns!

Dr. Tron is a prisoner in Dr. Sakerine's Labratory in Great Pond. Rescuing him will unlock an achievment/trophy (Xbox 360 and PS3)

Skip and Sqak Back in Action

Tron also appears being brainwashed by Professor X2's and Veger's hypnotizing Ant Pods until the gang freed him from it's control.

Skip and Sqak Rangers

Dr. Tron appears selling upgrades for the heroes to get more stronger.

Skip and Sqak Ancients

Dr. Tron appears as a playable character helping SSFF, Mia, Kaida and King Drogo saving history from the evil Envy S. Ovu.