Dr. Toadley
Full Name Doctor Toadley
Location Toad Town
Class Doctor

Dr. Toadley is a Toad character first appearing in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and recently in The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins as the main antagonist.


Dr. Toadley is known to be able to play as a good antagonist, as well as a good protagonist. He and his colorful friends have appeared in many games, and they appear as follows.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Dr. Toadley's debut appearance was in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story as a minor protagonist. In the game, he assigned Mario to collect the three star cures, so the Doctor could one miracle cure out of them curing the Blorbs, a disease that threatened toad citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom by making them swell up. After he combined the three star cures and made the miracle cure, he had no more time to help Mario and co. for the rest of the game due to the fact that he had to help cure the patients.

The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins

Dr. Toadley's seconded appearance was in The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins as the game's main antagonist. Seeing as the game is still in the works this section will stay as is until the Dr. vs. Dr. Saga, the Beginning is finished.

The Dr. vs. Dr Saga, Dr. Toadley's Revenge

Dr. Toadley's is set to appear as the main protagonist in the seconded game in The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga, Dr. Toadley's Revenge. This will mark his third appearance. Since nothing more is known about the game thus far, this section will remain as is until more information is revealed or the game is released.

Super Mario: An Evil Rising

Dr. Toadley makes a cameo appearance at the end of Mario's story in the game trying to help Princess Peach.


Ultra Man

When Dr. Toadley meets Ultra Man in The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins they are pitched against each other, until the two learn they have both been used by Dr. Mario and then team up to get revenge against him.


Birdley is loyal pet bird, who also acts his messenger. Birdley can usually be seen resting on Dr. Toadley's right shoulder. His first appearence with Dr. Toadley is Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


Dr. Toadley's expired taco, Taco is seen, in at least chapter, in every Dr. vs. Dr. Saga game

Nurse Chansey

Nurse Chansey and Dr. Toadley share a complicated relationship. It is implied that they were once lovers torn apart by different beliefs, however this has not been proven yet.

Dr. Yeldaot

Dr. Yeldaot is Dr. Toadley's clone. The two share a neutral relationship.