Dr. Sakerine
Dr. Sakerine
Dr. Sakerine, the brains of the SSSSS
Gender Male
Species Mutated Flea
Location Planet Xoon
Current Status Active
Class Antagonist
King Drogo's pet (formerly)

X2's scientist partner

First Appearance Skip and Sqak 2 (1996)
Dr. Sakerine (originally known as Fluffy) is one of the members of the SSSSS. He is a mutated flea who acts as the brains of the group. He is also the first member Professor X2. His origins were revealed in the anime episode The Secret Life of Dr. Sakerine. He speaks in a heavy german accent.

Early Life

Before being adopted by X2, Sakerine was King Drogo's pet flea Fluffy. However, all Fluffy ever did was demolishing anything he sees such as chewing up pillows, scratching rugs, knocking vases, pulling down curtains and setting things on fire. One day, Drogo was helping some Blue Ant scientists with an unknown project which ended horribly with Fluffy peeing on the computer that caused the energetic bulb in the centre of the room to explode on Fluffy, giving him intelligence and mutating his body. This pushed Drogo into angrilly throwing Fluffy out of the palace before his wedding with Kaida. Walking away in the wilderness, Fluffy encounters some Red Ants who were impressed with his intelligence and gave him a job as Professor X2's hired scientist.

Skip and Sqak 2

If the player finishes the Red Ant base in solo mode, Akutio betrays the SSFF by turning them into Sakerine. The team were taken to Dr. Sakerine's labratory castle in Spooky Swamp, where they are locked in cages waiting to get a brain surgery. Each member escaped their cages and escaped the exploding castle on a rocket, leaving a furious Sakerine behind.

Later on at the end of the game, Dr. Sakerine was arrested and put in prison with his fellow members and X2.

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