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Dr. Needlenam (Omega Prime)
Needlenam FSBO
The Multiverse's Second Biggest Traitor
Full Name Doctor Leah Needlenam
Current Age 31
Date of Birth September 8th
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Toronto, Canada?
Current Status Alive
Class Mentor
High Priestess
The Twisted Cross
Family and Relations
Xerox (???)
Claire MacBeth (Trainee/Nemesis)
Mynis (Enemy)
Ronnie Pepper (Enemy)
Main Weapon(s) Staff (Caduceus)
Ability/ies Surgical mastery
Sheer cunning
Cult leader
Vulnerable To Being a dick
Overly ambitious
Doctor Sarah Auvic
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega
You might be looking for the original Leah Needlenam, who can be found here!

But evolution just so goddamn slow, y’know? You’d have to wait centuries to get even close to perfection, and by that point, we'll have probably massacred ourselves to extinction anyway through some petty squabbles over... I dunno, something stupid. Guns, maybe. So, we’re just speeding up the process of evolution in any and every way we can!
Dr. Needlenam, on the Twisted Cross’ goals

Doctor Leah Needlenam, also known by the pseudonym Doctor Sarah Auvic, is the matriarch and high priestess of the Twisted Cross, as well as the leader of its elite circle of Bloody Cardinals, the teacher and former idol of Claire MacBeth, and the Omega Prime equivalent of Leah Needlenam.


Needlenam’s a bit on the tall side; attractive figure, but thin from long nights spent absorbed in her work and avoiding eating. Her skin is incredibly pale - also a side-effect of her obsession with her work. Her eyes are thin, and deep purple. Her hair is naturally bright purple in color, and reaches all the way to her shoulderblades even when worn in a thick "bun." She generally dresses in button-up lab coats marked with the sigil of the Twisted Cross - the only marker of her role as its leader. Aside from that, she dresses surprisingly casually, with a pair of knee-length shorts, combat boots, and fingerless gloves. She has been known to wear other outfits when participating in island-based sporting events or mysterious labyrinth exploration, though.


Needlenam is an asshole first and foremost. She cares for only a few people, and the name at the top of the list is her very own. She is a textbook definition of sin, yet always plays the “greater good” card when justifying the actions of the Twisted Cross. Indeed, if the rest of the world adopted her much looser moral code, perhaps it would indeed be the case. But the world condemns her ideas, and she puts them into action anyway because she doesn’t give a damn. Needlenam is certainly capable of respect, however; she views anyone responsible for scientific breakthroughs very highly, albeit not as highly as she does herself. She is an addict to alcohol and sugar, has an unlikely fondness of old cartoon characters, and uses “gay” as an insult with the excuse that she is the most gay person that she knows. (A true but very invalid point.)


Needlenam has been breeding and training of a true genius. She is an intellectual without peer, a master planner, and possesses an amount of sheer tact unmatched by anyone she has ever met. She’s often too bored to use all of her immense knowledge, however, and puts limits on her skill to challenge herself and make sure that even the most dull challenges are even somewhat interesting.

She is also equipped with all of the resources available to the Twisted Cross, being its sole matriarch. Profiles on countless people, digital copies on books of every subject, and an insane army of both masterful doctors and scientific slaves; all at her disposal, and often a mere phone call or text message away. The empire of scientific zealots that she rules over can easily compete with her intellect for the title of her most invaluable asset.

Due to excess free time, Needlenam has also picked up Krav Maga and basic weapons training, though lack of use has dulled this knowledge over time. Mostly, though, she just fights with the namesake syringe on her left hand and a pointed staff she calls the Caduceus. Regardless, she is considered by many to be one of Omega Prime's most dangerous residents.

Like all the Bloody Cardinals of Omega Prime's Twisted Cross, Needlenam carries a syringe containing an "identifier compound" - a special chemical used to open doors in Twisted Cross laboratories in lieu of traditional keycards, mainly due to syringes normally having no association with opening doors.


Prior History


Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega



Claire MacBeth


Dr. Mingyu Li


Dr. Sonny Scythe



  • The concept of this version of Needlenam was inspired by RTA fan's "normal" Leah. The two are often compared to each other, like different sides of the same coin.
  • This Needlenam shares the original's hatred of cows and tendency to binge on roast beef when upset.