Naseefa Quote
Dr. Naseefa
(25, born April 6th)
4'02" Gender: ️ Male
312 lbs Sexuality: Asexual
NAME Dr. Naseefa "Naseefa" Heartgold
WEAPON Nature Killer Bazooka
ALIGNMENT Chaotic evil
OCCUPATION(S) Immature supervillain
FAMILY Judy Heartgold (mother)
Mike Heartgold (father)
Valerie Heartgold (sister)
Blake Cooper (step brother)
BIRTH LOCATION Deltome, Desapan continent

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To be determined...

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Dr. Naseefa Heartgold is the secondary main antagonist in Morning Sun: Eyes of a Child and poses as the primary target for Agantuk and his allies to chase after and defeat. He is a short, plump scientist known for his impatience and awful temper, as well as his general immaturity, often not thinking things through very well and relying on his "MemoryBots" to remind him about what his tasks are and how to handle them. Though his memory is terrible, he is well-versed on the legends that surround Agantuk and his nefarious past, and wishes to use Agantuk for his own gain to viciously plummet the whole New Fantendoverse into complete darkness. It's not clear why he wishes to bring down the universe into darkness, as it is something he has forgotten to record into his robots' memories, but he is dead-set on doing such: he has built several bases over the course of Morning Sun in efforts to either obtain Agantuk's data or outright destroy him (he seems to switch between his reasonings often). In spite of his poor memory, he excels at teaming up with other nefarious individuals, such as Ms. Replicate and the lethal Commander of Agantuk's awful home planet "Cyaneth", whom have helped him in his schemes before.


Unlike Agantuk, little seems to be known about Dr. Naseefa, due to him refusing to be open about his own life or personal views. It can be inferred, however, that Dr. Naseefa is simply a greedy pig that's hellbent for death and total destruction across the universe, even if he cannot reasonably put together why he does the things he does. It is implied, however, that some of his bad temper and behavior comes from his half-deafness and half-blindness, which renders it difficult for him to register what's coming to him or what's being said to him. He also is very sensitive, with human contact causing him to freak out and exposure to the texture of leather causing his fragile skin to each easily. Some of his poor behavior may also emerge from the fact that he is the very unacknowledged true brother of Valerie Heartgold, with his parents having forgotten about him to such a degree that even Valerie barely knew he existed, only knowing that she had a lost brother but nothing more (resulting in the Silver Zin meeting they had to become a strange sibling bond).

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  • Dr. Naseefa's hateful, immature and unloving nature reflects the nature of a spoiled child gone rotten, making him serve as a contrast to the energetic and happy Agantuk in many ways, despite being just as every little bit of childish as he is.
  • The EarthBound text box on the top of the page was chosen instead of a standard {{Quote}} template due to the fact that Morning Sun is a homage to the Mother franchise as a whole.

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