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Dr. Mario The Infection is a puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS and will be released January 5, 2014.

Playable Characters

Non Playable Characters:


Professor E. Gadd is investigating on how to kill the Viruses for good. His experiment goes wrong. The Viruses start to spread across the Mushroom Kingdom and everyone starts to get a infection. Dr. Mario and Luigi are working at Mushroom Hospital while Nurse Peach is taking care of the patients.

E. Gadd then arrives telling them that this is his fault. He then tells the doctors if they can kill all of the Viruses, they can find the cure and then get rid of the infection.


Story Mode- The Player has to help Dr. Mario and Luigi find the cure to cure everybody who has the infection

Multiplayer- The Player can verse their friends or verse other players online.

Level Creator- Allows the player to create their own levels and send them to other players online.

Time Attack- The player has to kill numbers of Viruses before time runs out.

Germ Buster- The main mode for the game. You have to kill all of the Viruses before they can reach Mushroom Hospital.

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