Dr. Mario: Megavitamin Madness is the sixth game in the Dr. Mario series. It will be released on 3DS and Wii U in October 2014. This is the second game to include Wario as a playable character, as is it for the Mii.


Simillar to previous titles in the series, Megavitamin Madness takes gameplay from Tetris. However, this game now includes different themed hospitals such as King Boo 's Horrid Castle and Bowser's Flying Fort. It also introduces several power-ups to the series, such as the Super Megavitamin and Fire Flower.


At Mushroom Kingdom General Hospital, Dr. Mario has taken in seriously Koopafied Mushroom Kingdom citizens from the after effects of Mario and Luigi: Koopa InfestationWario and Waluigi snatch the Megavitamins during the night, in which Toadbert spots them. He tells Dr. Mario the next morning. Toadbert also says that the dastardly duo has given the Megavitamins to Bowser, King Boo, and several other villains. It's time to cure some civillains!



  • Dr. Mario
  • Mii A
  • Mii B
  • Luigi*
  • Yoshi*

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