in story mode you only get to play as Mario only,so the majority of the elements in the story will revolve around him.

Prolouge-Attack on Toadsworth

The story starts off with Mario and Luigi,running to Princess Peach's castle,to eat a cake that she had baked for them.When they get to the castle,a thundering shockwave is heard and a bit after that,Mario goes outside to find that everybody who was outside at the time of the shockwave,was sneezing,coughing and had high fevers.

After he realize that they had a full-throttle epidemic going on,Mario changes into Doctor Mario and sets off to find the cause of the shockwave and cure the majority of the Mushroom Kingdom. As he sets off to do so,Toadsworth comes from outside of the castle door and he seems to have a terrible fever and the sniffles,as stated by a machine that Luigi,gives to Mario,called a C-Reader (Which was developed by E-Gadd and tells what the physical condition of an organism is). Mario then puts his skills as a doctor to the test,and tends to Toadsworth.

Patient C-Reader Description Viruses Reward
Toadsworth ~Poor Toadsworth looks like he is under the weather,maybe if you felt his forehead,you could probably tell what is happening to him.~ Red/Blue 200 Coins

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


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