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Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario SSB4
Dr. Mario, Mario's "alter ego".
Full Name Dr. Mario
Gender Male
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Doctor
Main Weapon(s) Megavitamins
Element(s) Healing
Family and Relations

Dr. Mario is Mario's doctor alter ego. He can heal others easily with the help of his Megavitamins.

Game Appearances

Super Smash Bros: Battle

He also appears in Super Smash Bros: Battle. as an alternate costume for Mario.

Super Mario MHL

Dr. Mario appears in Super Mario MHL. His special move is Megavitamin Toss where many viruses will come out and Dr. Mario can toss Megavitamins at them and the players.

Dance Dance Revolution Wii: Mario Mix

Dr. Mario is an unlockable player in Dance Dance Revolution Wii: Mario Mix.

Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat

Dr. Mario returns from Super Smash Bros. Melee in Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat as an unlockable character. This time around, he is less of a clone of Mario, and more of a unique addition.


Jump Punch

Dr. Mario jumps higher than usual into the air by pressing B+up. If another player is above Dr. Mario, when he uses this attack, the other player will be buffeted by a barrage of punches in midair, releasing many coins. But when Dr. Mario finishes his attack, he will fall to the ground and must pick himself up.

Megavitamin Smash

Dr.Mario will take a Megavitamin out of his pocket and hit any player next to him by presing A. Due to it being a very simple attack, it usually results in only 5% damage.

Viruses Released

Dr.Mario can release up to 3 Viruses by pressing B up to 3 times depending on how many he wishes to release. Although the viruses cannot be stopped when in motion, they cannot stop moving in one direction either. Therefore, they can fall off ledges if the current stage has any.

Ground Smash

Dr.Mario raises his fist and punches the ground, damaging players close to him by pressing A+down.

New Super Mario Galaxy 3D

Dr. Mario appears once again in New Super Mario Galaxy 3D, but this time as a power-up. He can shoot powerful Megavitamins which can kill enemies and break Brick Blocks. However, it is only for a short amount of time. The item used is the Vitamin Flower.

Dr. Mario: Flu Season

Dr. Mario appears in Dr. Mario: Flu Season as the main protagonist. He specializes in red pills and defeating the Flu virus.


An amiibo figure of Dr. Mario exists! For more info about this amiibo, see this page.
Amiibo DrMario


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