Dr. Gad Zooks is a Brown Koala Scientist introduced in Skip and Sqak 2. He is the brains of the Underground Gang who was doing research at the Kelp Forest until Red Ants invaded it, causing him to hide in his hut until the SSFF Team rescued him. He sells weapon upgrades in the Road Hog Bar for the SSFF through out the game

Skip and Sqak 2

Dr. Gad Zooks was introduced in the Seventh Chapter. While studying on the Kelp Forest, Red Ants enslaved the woods and Gad Zooks was so scared he hid in his hut. When the SSFF go into the woods to get Gad Zooks to shut down Bigmouth's Security System in the Black Out, the panicking koala jumps out of his hut and starts throwing bottle bombs at them, believing they are working for the Red Ants until Dib calms him down. Gad Zooks then accepts the offer to shut down Bigmouth's Security so the SSFF can go to the Black Out.

Gad told the SSFF the story of JoJo who opened time portals that sucked the gang into the future.

Dr. Gad Zooks is later seen in the 8th Chapter building bottle bombs to blow up the Dark Iku Syphons all over Kelp Forest. Croco accidentally sets off the bombs leaving the team 3 minutes to take out all the syphons. He is also obsessed with Dr. Tron, calling him the "First ever scientist who ever lived" or "Ancient Doctor".

In the end of the game, Gad Zooks is seen watching fireworks with the others.