Dr. Evil (Full name: Doctor Jameson Evil) who is a mad scientist and be the main antagonist in Diamond Quest. He has a son named Scotty Evil, who can build many inventions that can destroy the hero Albert O'Michligan.


Dr. Evil lives in a large town called Brookville also Albert lives there. He was born in 2061 and the doctor wants to be a inventor when he was a kid, when the doctor be 20, he shows everyone in college to called the Diamond Luge, the Diamond Luge is the race of the system, it has a big diamond inside with little crystals and diamonds. Everyone likes it, but the adults dislike it and the officers arrest him. Many years, when he becomes almost old, the Diamond Luge uses a laser to escape prison and shoots the officers. He has a floating car to transform a drill car in underground, so the people never see him. Many days, he construct his own laboratory with a little kid named Scotty and he wants help to destroy the world, so Dr. Evil and Scotty becomes a family and destroy the world.

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