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Dr. Eggman (SSB. Amplified)
Official Debut Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Availability Unlockabe
Final Smash Big Arms
Dr. Eggman is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified and the second fighter from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.


Dr. Eggman is known to be predictable. In Amplified, this predictability factor still exists. Players can work around the predictable nature to create some interesting combos. His fighting stems from his modified Egg Walker.

Special Attacks
Neutral Special Homing Shot Fires a homing shot that does damage
Side Special Mech Lance Steps back and dashes forward to strike foes with a lance from the Walker
Up Special Walker's Hover Hovers upward and is controllable. Foes are damaged by the exhausts on the feet.
Down Special Push Bumpers Eggman's mech sits still as it pushes foes slightly forward. Foes take minor damage
Final Smash Big Arms
Custom Moves 1
Neutral Special Emperor's Slices Uses the Egg Emperor's sword to send up to three shockwaves.
Side Special Balloon Bomb Sends a fake Eggman balloon bomb that chases foes when it bounces on the ground.
Up Special Accelerator Uses the Egg Dragoon's boosters to boost himself up.
Down Special Electric Hand Ducks and uses the electric hand from Sonic Advance 2.
Custom Moves 2
Neutral Special Egg Blades Sends wing-like blades from Sonic CD and sends them at foes.
Side Special Drill Dash Charges at the foes with a multihit drill.
Up Special Abandon Ship Eggman uses his Egg Pod and escapes from his machine. Machine returns after he lands on the ground
Down Special Burying Claw Slams his Metal Claws on the ground three times. Anyone hit gets buried.

Ground Attacks:

Jab: Sends a "punch" from the claws. Press once more for another "punch". Press one more time for a spinning claw.

Side Tilt: Sends out a spring loaded boxing glove

Up Tilt: Swipes a claw upward

Down Tilt:

Side Smash: Brings out a hand with hammer and swings horizontally.

Up Smash:

Down Smash:

Dash Attack:

Get up: Spins the claws very fast to cover forward and back.

Air Attacks:


Foward Air: Uses both claws for an overhead strike.

Back Air:

Down Air: Drops the ball from Sonic 1 quickly then retracts it.

Up Air:


Pummel: Bashes foes with claws.


Back: His claws spin behind him and his foes get kicked.

Down: Jumps up and down on foes similar to his classic self in good endings of classic games. Only two fast jumps.



Crawl: No

Wall Jump/Cling: No Tethering: No

Special Animations:

Up Taunt: Moves up with his Egg Pod, laughs, and moves back into the Walker.

Side Taunt: Points forward and remarks "Snooping as usual, I see!"

Down Taunt: He proudly boasts "Here I come," while his Egg Walker stomps in place.

Victory Animation: Jumps up and Down similar to Sonic Adventure 2. He yells "Yes!" If he beats Sonic, he instead yells "I finally won, blue hedgehog."

Victory Animation 2: Gets outside the Egg Walker, and smiles. He mockingly states "I'll be seeing you."

Victory Animation 3: Punches out with his claws. He maniacally laughs.

Special Team Victory (Sonic): Sonic crosses his arms in disgust while Eggman signals a "High-Five"

Trophy Info

Dr. Eggman:

Dr. Eggman is an evil, egg-shaped man with an unbelievablely high IQ of around 300. Dr. Eggman's main goal is to build an empire, his, by taking over the world. He fights in a modified Egg Walker from Sonic Adventure 2 in Smash. This Baldy McNosehair really doesn't give up, no matter how many Sonic beats him. Maybe he should try aiming for a teaching degree.

Dr. Eggman (Alt):

Dr. Eggman's Homing Shot is self-explaining laser shot from Eggman's own mech which can be deflected. Mech Lance makes a dash at the foe with the Egg Emperor's weapon. The Walker's own hovering system boosts Eggman up and he hovers down slowly, with minor damage and pushing from the Walker's feet exhaust. The Push Bumpers is a good keep away tool to deal with agressive foes, but it only protects Eggman from threats in front of him.

Big Arms:

Dr. Eggman configures the Egg Walker to change into the Big Arms mech. This machine grabs unlucky foes and slams them onto the stage and reconfigures into the Egg Walker. This is great when foes back Dr. Eggman into a figurative corner.  The mech can flinch with a strong attack and shrug off weak ones, so hurry up and grab foes before Dr. Eggman reconfigures back into the Egg Walker. Oh, any attack button will do for grabbing.

Alternate Costumes/Palettes

Alternate Costumes
Default Red Suit and Egg Walker parts red while the Egg "Pod" is from Sonic Lost World.
Palette Black Suit resembles Eggman Nega. Walker Parts black.
Palette Blue Ironically takes Sonic's color sceme as his own.
Palette Green Suit and Walker parts turn green.
Alt Red Suit is from his classic games. The walker is silver.
X-over Green The Walker looks like Bowser's clown car.

Special Attrib.

  • Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against Dr. Eggman in Phoenix's Final Smash is an end zone capsule of animals and an imprisoned animal in a robot.
  • Kirby gains Dr. Eggman's goggles and gets Homing Shot as a Copy Ability.
  • Dr. Eggman's victory theme is a instrumental remix of E.G.G.M.A.N.


  • Dr. Eggman's trophy description is a reference to Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors. The name Baldy McNosehair is a insult from Sonic Colors and the teaching degree is a reference to the Sonic Generations tidbit of Dr. Eggman of past and present talking to each other.

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