Dr Dentisimmo Is the first game in the Dr. Dentisimmo series. It is a 3d platformer with mario-style graphics in which Dr. Charles tries to save the Toothies, a race of tiny beings from being eaten by the evil plaque monsters and their villainous,cruel and greedy leader the Plaque King! it has a sequel called Dr. Dentisimmo 2: Return of the Plaque King


Dr. Charles, the world's leading orthodontist and professional dentist has just created three brand-new inventions: toothpaste formula x(the ultimate cleaning invention!,a shrinking ray(do i have to say?),and the clean-o-matic (a robot which can spray toothpaste formula x). with these hi-tech gadgets the world of dentistry will never be the same! But, when testing his inventions inside a volunteer's mouth (who is called Sarah) by shrinking down inside the mouth of patients and cleaning their mouths with the clean-o-matic,- so the doctor can avoid missing any plaque,- he accidentally discovers an entirely new race of tiny beings, the Toothies! he also discovers the evil plaque monsters, who love nothing but eating toothies which,apparently taste sweet and sugary. all living in Sarah's mouth which is called Mouthe by its inhabitants. the Plaque King kidnaps the ten Toothy Sages(who hold the big golden teeth); Vernon,Maxwell, Merto, Gochan, Faufo, Zelan, Onon, Konoko, Wosak, and Adverstos and steals the magical golden teeth. thus begins the adventure (or should i say, a denture!)




1: to the great white rock

2: germ catastrophe!

3: clean-up duty

4:beast of the the pink cave

5: BOSS MISSION: Big Joe's slippery business

ENEMIES: green plaque, slimopusses, blobby joes, yellow plaque, and germ serpents




1:pots and pans

2:slime time

3: down and dirty

4:cave treasure catch!

5:Chef Germy's grimy special dish

ENEMIES: green plaque, yellow plaque, blobby



coming soon!

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