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Dr. Claw, YoshiEgg: Holiday

Dr. Claw

Dr. Claw is a deranged mole assassin who's goal is to kill all heroes. He first appeared in YoshiEgg: Holiday as the main villain, then in YoshiEgg DSi as the secondary villain. His latest appearances have been in some sports events as a playable character, but he hasn't been a main villain in the main series for a long time. It is rumoured that he may appear in Super YoshiEgg Galaxy as a boss, but it has not been officially confirmed yet. Dr. Claw has a small troop of people who help him find new heroes to assassinate.


Dr. Claw hates everything good, so he has a very cold heart. He may possibly be one of the most violent YoshiEgg villains to date, since he has stated in the past that he wants to "Claw the heroe's eyes out and stab him to death", as well as many other vulgure and gruesome acts to the heroes.


Dr. Claw bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Resetti, except he has black fur, red eyes, a gray suit, and a darker pickax.


  • The arch-nemesis of the well-known Inspector Gadget is also named Dr. Claw, thus, sharing his name with this mole assassin.

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