Dr. Clash
GX Dr. Clash
Dr. Clash as he appears in F-Zero GX.
Full Name Theodore Clash
Current Age 55
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Mute City
Current Status Alive
First Appearance F-Zero X (1998)
Latest Appearance F-Zero Climax (2004)

Dr. Clash is an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero series. He pilots the Crazy Bear.


Dr. Theodore Clash is a brilliant scientist and mechanic who has designed F-Zero machines his whole life as well as invent several components of technology which go into the construction of these highly-advanced cars. Since he doesn't thrive in the overall physical sense, he designed a pair of handy mechanical arms to perform all of the strenuous work for him during his various experiments and tinkerings. Being among the world of F-Zero all of his life yet never truly getting a taste of it eventually pushed Clash to finally enter the Grand Prix circuit himself by way of the Crazy Bear, a prototype machine that he had been working on and perfecting for several years up to that point. With his vast intelligence and mechanical arms taking the helm, Dr. Clash is an unlikely yet perfectly capable contender in the many strenuous yet exhilarating races to come.


Super Smash Bros. Universe

Dr. Clash's machine the Crazy Bear makes a cameo appearence racing on the Mute City stage. In addition, Dr. Clash appears with the Crazy Bear as a collectible trophy.

F-Zero U

Dr. Clash returns once again in F-Zero U. Like all returning pilots, Dr. Clash is 10 years older than he was in F-Zero GX making him 65 years old in this installment.